2nd Maha Rudram in Dwarka

DWARKALAYA a Socio-Cultural organisation is organising 2nd Maha Rudra Maha Yagnam in DWARKA on Sunday the 28th October 2007. In Maha Rudram is a minimum of 121 Rithwiks Chant Rudram and Chamakam which will be followed by Vasordhara Homam and Poornahuthi with the recital of Chamakam.

DWARKALAYA is the only organisation which has to its credit having organsied this event on a Single day in Delhi, last year the event was organised on 8th October 2007, wherein 184 Rithiwiks participated from all over the Delhi.

Apart from the chanting of Rudram, the main attraction of the function was the distribution of food to around 3000 underprivileged. This year we propose to increase the number of beneficiaries to 5000.

Apart from this, there is a proposal to distribute SPATIKA MALA (CYSTAL MALA) specially built from RAJASTHAN as PRASAD after keeping it in the PRADHANA KALASH. The MALA will be given to all those who wish to contribute Rs.1001/- and more. Those who are interested can contact any one of the following numbers:

9868890008, 9810116465, 9911192001, 9868868524, 9873432050, 9818354382, 98685405333, 9868076459, 9810874834

or can email at

dwarkalaya@hotmail.com / dwarkalaya.regd@gmail.com

You are requested to go through the attachement to know more about MAHA RUDRAM.

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“ Yagna is the Kamadhenu, Yagna is for your happiness and welfare. Your life depends on the five elements of the nature. By the practice of Yagna the cycles of nature are replenished and enriched. By performing Yagna you will fulfil your duty to nature. When you do this nature will bestow abundance upon you and your life becomes a happy one. But you must repay with feeling of gratitude in the form of Yagna. “(Bhagawad Gita- Ch. 3 & 4)”.
The Maharudra Mahayagna is the offering of Hymns in praise of Lord Shiva in the ritualistic
manner and form as laid down in the Vedopanishads seeking His grace, mercy and blessings for peace, prosperity, longevity and above all good health for all, thus keeping away evil, misery and pain from mankind. This Yagna is a process that blends the repeated chanting of the Sri Rudram and Chamakam to both calm and empower the force of Rudra in our lives.
Recitation of Sri Rudram is always followed by the chanting of Chamakam, which is a prayer for
“Abeeshta Sidhi” or desirable ends to lead a peaceful and happy life. Recitation of Sri Rudram with Abhishekam to the Lord is known as Rudra Abhishekam. Elevan (11) recitations of Sri Rudram followed by one recitation of the Chamakam is called EKADASA RUDRAM.This also constitutes. One unit of the Rudra Homam. Again eleven (11) Laghu Rudram recitations make a MAHARUDRAM.
Lord Shiva is ¶vk’kqrksf”ku~¸ (easily pleased). Hence people who take part in this Mahayagna will be amply gifted with incessant prosperity. By the grace of the Lord Almighty it is proposed to conduct MAHARUDRA MAHAYAGNAM in a single day ie. on Sunday, 28th October 2007, at Sneh Kunj, Behind Naveen Apartment, Near Madhu Vihar Bus Stand, Sector-5, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075.
Wherein a minimum of 121 rithwiks will chant Sri Rudram 11 times, followed by the RUDRA HOMAM and VASORDHARA HOMAM with the recitation of CHAMAKAM will be performed. Last year we were fortunate to have 184 rithwiks at a single place and the first time a Maha Rudram was performed in a single day.
This year Spatika (Crystal) Mala is proposed to be kept in the Pradhana Kalasha and other Kumbhas during the Yagna. These Spatika Mala’s get immensely empowered, as resulted of actualizing process of Mahanyasa as well as during the reiterated recitation of Shri Rudra. The Spatika Mala shall be available to anyone desirous of having it as Lord Omkareshwara bestows his blessing notwithstanding his allegiances.
For details contact any one of the following numbers :
9868890008, 9810116465, 9818354382, 9868868524, 9810874834
or you can mail to dwarkalaya@hotmail.com
Dwarkalaya (Regd.), Dwarka, New Delhi earnestly appeals to all devotees from every walk of life
to avail this rare opportunity by taking part in the various functions with their family members and friends, thereby extending all support including assistance in cash and kind as well as physical assistance for this noble cause thus making the event a grand success and receive the choicest blessings of the divine parents UMA (Parvathi) AND MAHESHWARA.
Managing Committee
Dwarka, New Delhi – 110075.
(Regn. No. 45850/2003)
(Regd Office : 60, DIN CGHS Ltd., Plot No.7, Sector IV, Dwarka, New Delhi)
Postal Add. : 23, Bank Apartment, Plot No. 22, Sector IV, Dwarka, New Delhi 110 075
Email: dwarkalaya@hotmail.com