An interactive workshop on Intuitive Eating , a non-diet approach to break the cycle of chronic eating disorders and heal people’s relationship with food was organized in the Ntional Capital here today.

A first-of-its-kind interactive workshop on on Intuitive Eating was organized by nutritionist Sahiba Bhardwaj and spiritual healer Sakshi Kumar where more than 20 20 individuals attended and experienced a mix of light meditation, tips on intuitive eating, relished delicious food from gluten free, vegetarian and non-vegetarian options paired with wine and mocktails.

“ The Intuitive Eatng concept was created  by two registered dietitians – Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch  in the year 2015 recognising  the detrimental effects of diet culture on our eating habits as well as body image. The concept appears quite simple – it encourages us to tune in to our body’s internal cues i.e. hunger, fullness and satisfaction and to reject rules, restrictions and schedules. There are no meal plans and no foods that are off limits. You are given unconditional permission to eat whatever you want without feeling guilty” said Ms Sahiba Bhardwaj, A dietician and a graduate from Tufts University, Boston in Nutrition Science and Research.

 “The heart of this method is to trust your body’s internal hunger and satiety signals to guide you on when, what and how much to eat. Yet, intuitive eating is not as simple as a “hunger-fullness diet”, it encourages us to connect with our body and listen to its needs. Sometimes, this means a salad. Another time, it can be, dessert. This approach is not only centered on food but healing body image issues and exercise.” Ms Bhardwaj said.

“Intuitive Eating help one to move away from conflicting information about nutrition and help you to reconnect with your bodys wisdom, learn to listen to its hunger, fullness and satiety cues to promote long term health-physically, mentally and emotionally.” She said

“Intuitive Eating is an evidence-based approach to healthy lifestyle that prioritizes internal cues rather than body weight. .The 10 principals of Intuitive Eating that can help you to build a healthy relationship with food and your body get rid of food rules include learn how to trust your body and eat without guilt or shame stop dieting, so that you have your mind free to focus on things that really matter stop the restrict/binge cycle navigate emotional eating “ she added .

“The workshop concluded  with two meditations. Meditation helps one reconnect with oneself. This is a crucial step in eating and living intuitively as meditation helps raise your vibrations, so you can trust your own inner voice”, said Ms Sakshi Kumar.The Spiritual healer .