Advocate Juhi Arora

By Tis hazari Court Delhi, one of the most important case has come in exist in which Court held that a wife has a full right to live in husband house and the husband is also restarined from dispossessing the wife from husband property from matrimonial home without due process of law.

In this petition by the petitioner Counsel Advocate Juhi Arora has certain issues pertaining to cruelty by husband, on this behalf the petitioner Counsel was asking only for right of the wife for living with dignity in husband house nothing as she wants in this petition. Nidhi who is a petitioner in this case aged about 45 years is a school teacher and her husband working in Kuwait. She lives in janakpuri in the husband house with her two minor children on the first floor.

By Tis hazari Court Delhi, MM. Ms. Ruchika Singla in her Order, dated 01/04/2017, she stated that in this present petition nothing has been asking by the Ld Counsel that the petitioner do not have any house for residing but asking for living In husband house without any further allegations, so by this court has granted this petition on this issue with some proper guidelines that husband can not interfere in any activity of the wife living in husband house even both of them can not talk to each other and husband can not meet with the children as well.

by sending various summons by the Courts to the husband, husband do not appear before the Hon’ble Court just because of this cause Hon’ble court making Order in favor of the petitioner.

In this petition various allegations has been made with regards to cruelty by husband not only in India but also in Kuwait visit, even this complaint also sent to the embassy there in.