Dwarka made Filthy GARBAGE Ground by MCD- DEMS Department.

1. Mayor Delhi Chairman Standing Committee & MCD Councillor
2. Shri. K S Mehera (IAS), Commissioner, Municipal Corporation of Delhi
3. Shri. C R Garg, Dy. Commissioner, MCD Najafgarh Zone

Cc: DEMS/HQ Officials
DEMS/ NGZ Officials.

Dear Madam/Sir,

Subject: Dwarka made Filthy GARBAGE Ground by MCD- DEMS Department.

1. Dwarka Forum (DF) on behalf of over 6 lakh residents of Dwarka sub-City met Commissioner MCD Shri. K S Mehra on 9th Feb 2010 highlight Sanitation. However, ZERO Results as DEMS official DECLINED to implement direction issued by Commissioner.

2. DF again met the Addl Commissioner Eng Mr. Anshu Prakash on 17th March 2011 since earlier meeting decision with Commissioner had not found any results and directions were not executed by DEMS officials mainly the DnC-DEMS, SE, EE, SS onwards.

3. DF tried again meeting at local level the new DC CR Garg on 2nd Nov 2011, who himself knows the ground situation and seen the pathetic condition.

4. In addition to the above:
a. Meeting with DMSWSL Officials from top most from Delhi and even Ramky bosses in Hyderabad were in constant touch personally and through email with Photographs.

b. Almost all the residents and DF office bearers were meeting the area Asst. Sanitary Inspector, Sanitary Inspector, Sanitation Suptd. etc.

5. The background as follows:
a. Dwarka Sub City called Master Plan Sub-City. With approximately 15 KM Radius and 5648 Hector Area and 396 KM Road Length. Dwarka have over 300 CGHS and over 52 DDA Pocket RWA’s.

b. DDA handed over the sanitation of entire subcity to MCD on 21st April 2005 by paying Rs. 11. 56 Crore

c. However MCD have been Neglecting Dwarka again and again. Dwarka stand top in the MCD revenue for Property Tax due to density and flat type buildings spread in 15 KM radius.

d. On record MCD claims have appointed 361 Safai Karamcharis for this area. While the every one knows about the ground reality and GHOST EMPLOYEE factor into consideration. The DEMS claims disclosed SK list on website but the data is EMPTY.

e. The contract was signed with MCD DEMS and DMSWSL(Ramky ) on 17th July 2009. So far paid Rs. 33 Crore just for transportation (not in compliance of MSW M&H Rules 2000) and fine of Rs. 91 Lakh.

f. The Terms and Condition of CONTRACT is totally flouted in all means. The contract was to be in line with Municipal Solid Wastes (Management and Handling) Rules 2000. However other than TRANSPORTING the Garbage from road side no other part is implemented (Which was not the objective of the concession agreement & MSW M&H) Rule 2000. This was in line with Alimitra Patel Supreme Court order No. 888/96

Residents of Dwarka Demand and Suggestive measures:
6. Safai Karmchari:
a. Assign equal number of Safai Karamchari for 396 KM Roads, Plus, DDA Pockets, Markets, Plotted Kothis areas etc. The distribution of SK’s per KM & Area is better in some zone like Central Zone, South Zone etc. Why Dwarka from where highest REVENUE earning for MCD have less SK’s?

b. Assign and bring ACCOUNTABILITY to ASI/ SI /SS, EE-DEMS/ SE DEMS for regular site visit with REPORTS. In case the silt, kudha, malba found on roads, footpaths the ASI/SI/SS/EE/SE must be booked for NEGLIGENCE and suspend.

c. Provide facilities for SK’s for shelter and tools(Which exists currently only on papers).

7. DMSWSL- Ramky:
a. The concession agreement is breached in all OBJECTIVES and points. This contract to be cancelled and assign some other contractor. There is no scope of improvement found in the last 3 year by this concessionaire.

8. C & D Waste:
a. Organize collection of C&D Waste from Dwarka weekly basis by MCD- Engineering Department to Bhurari plant.

The Pictures & videos were presented all the officials of MCD & Authorities. The same also available on the internet and updated regularly by residents from various areas.

We have already made soft launch of GANDHIGIRI in Dwarka by sending THANKING SMS to SS of DEMS since last 1 week. We will wait for CONCRETE action by MCD HQ for next 72 hours. If there is no improvement the RWA’s and Residents have decided to start next round of GANDHIGIRI to send SMS directly to Commissioner after the expiry of 72 hour.

Madam/Sir, We are ready to walk extra mile to get Dwarka cleaned. We hope MCD HQ will provide justice.

Yours sincerely,
Dwarka Forum
Rejimon C K, President