Astrology – Know your sun sign – Capricorn

Astrology – Know your sun sign – Capricorn (22 Dec to 19 Jan)

General Practical, Disciplined, Careful, Reserved
Dark Side Pessimistic, Miserly, Fatalistic
Element Earth
Ruling Planet Saturn
Symbolise Goat
Likes Reliability, Professionalism, Purpose
Dislikes Fantasies, Ignominy, Ridicule
Metal Lead
Stone Turquoise
Color Brown
Lucky Day Friday, Tuesday, Saturday
Lucky Number 6, 9, 8
Body Parts – Disease Knee, Joints–Skin disease, Knee Problem
Related Profession Finance, Institutions, Wholesale Business, Agriculture
Personalities Issac Newton, Martin Luther, Joan of Arc, Richard Nixon
Source: DwarkaParichay News & Information Services