Aurevoir – Glimpses held at N.K.Bagrodia Public School, Dwarka

‘Education is helping the child realize his potential’ rightly said by Enrich Fromm came true in letter and spirit when myriad activities unfolded to reveal the talent and confidence of the students of the primary wing on the occasion of the session closing ceremony Glimpses 2016. This annual event is celebrated every year to show the innate talent of Bagrodian scholars of the Primary wing and an opportunity for the parents to get a know how of the creative instincts of their wards. It also provides a chance to the parents to have a glimpse through a panorama of activities being showcased in the school for facilitating the teaching learning process.

The ceremony witnessed an exhilarating start with welcome dance ‘Ganesh Stuti’ and lighting of the ceremonial Lamp invoking god’s blessings. The school Principal felicitated the guests of honour – Sh K.K. Dhanuka ji, trustee, N.K.Bagrodia Educational Society and Dr. S.K. Bhattacharya ji, Director, NKBPS, Dwarka. This was followed by the foot tapping musical extravaganza sensitizing the audience about the theme of the event i.e ‘Utsav’- The celebration of life.

The tiny tots of classes I-III enthralled the audience by presenting a dance drama based on the theme ‘Utsav’- The celebrations in life which are intended to lift everyone’s spirits by focusing on positive memories, those joys which are composed of smaller things in life; seemingly inconsequential events that instantly place us in a better mood. The students successfully endeavour to dramatise dance and give message that celebrations in life started from the era of human evolution and will continue till eternity in all the parts of the world in the form of a wide variety of multi-national festivals like tomato festival of Spain, kite festival of Japan, Halloween festival, Moehere enospa festival of Hawaiian to name a few.

The day culminated with a fun game show ‘Humbola’ – A tambola based on mathematical calculations. The audience participated wholeheartedly juggling their brains to find out the correct answer. It proved to be a fulfilled brainstorming session for the audience in invigorating reminiscences of their childhood. The guest of honour – Dr. S.K.Bhattacharya (Director NKBPS, Dwarka) blessed the efforts of the teachers and the students. The school Principal Dr. Rajee N. Kumar also applauded and appreciated the hard work of the teachers and the students to make the event a grand success.

The students exuded so much of self confidence, talent and grace that onlookers were left, mesmerised with firm assurance in their minds that young bagrodians are the promising and successful future of tomorrow.