M K Gupta
Jt. Secy, Dwarka Forum

Thanks to Hon’ble LG, Mahabal Mishra, MP, AB Bardhan, Aziz Pasha, Vijender Gupta, Rajesh Gahlot, Pawan Sharma, Dharam Dev Solanki, Kamaljit Sehrawat, media, advocates, RTI activists and to all others who actively worked and supported the self-draws.

Congratulation to Asok Kumar, Rajendra Arya and all other office bearers of the Assn. of suffering members of CGHS.

From the very start, the Dwarka Forum supported the genuine cause of the suffering members. Immediately after the first self draw on the occasion of new year two years ago, M K Gupta, now Jt. Secy. of Forum first dared to declare that a silent revolution has taken place against the RCS/government. Delhi Govt. tried to scare the members by registering the FIRs but in view of the support extended to them by the public, even more draws were held subsequently.

Dwarka Forum raised the issue of indifferent attitude of the Registrar of Co-operative Society. If the RCS had been sensitive to the sufferings of the members of Housing Societies, there was no need to go in for self-draws.

In a telephonic talk, Mr. Asok Kumar told that the process of regularation is expected shortly. They have opposed any penalty on the members before the LG. After that, govt. agreed to withdraw that. Rs. 1,000/- is pre-occupancy charges or fee. He said that the Association has agreed for not conducting any self-draw in future. In the recent past, Societies have received favourable orders from the Delhi High Court.

Members under the leadership of Association of Suffering Members have won a big battle in the face of many odds.

Dwarka Parichay team CONGRATULATS all members.