Beggars on the Streets of Dwarka

Hon’ble Chief Minister
New Delhi

Dear Madam,
I am a resident of Dwarka and member of Dwarka Forum (Regd). I would like to draw your attention to the above subject.
We have noticed a significant growth of beggars at all major traffic signals in Dwarka which is a
complete eye sore to the public at large.
Our concerns are:
1. They are common sight at traffic signals absolutely not something that Delhi would like to showcase to tourists.

2. They frequently tap on car windows asking commuters/tourists for loose change.

3. Dwarka being near to domestic and international airport is more likely to become an eye sore for tourists.

4. They slow down the traffic and even cause traffic jams at traffic signals.

5. They are prone to accidents.

6. Number of them is aged between 5 to 12 and use dividers as shelters. It’s a huge risk for their as well as commuters’ lives.

7. There number grow up on Saturdays to blackmail commuters on the basis of religion.

8. Anti social elements take advantage and mix with them for snatching from commuters.

9. Unscrupulous sellers use these beggars as agents for selling their goods such as toys,
magazines and books etc.

10. Begging is an offence under the prevention of begging act 1959

As we are all aware most of beggars are forced to beg especially children. We learnt that Delhi
authorities launched their first mobile court on Sep 1st 09 to convict beggars on the spot as part of clean up the city ahead of CW games.

We know there is much more to do than just removing them from the streets; hence, we look forward to your support on this matter and learn about your course of action.

Thank you for your support in advance.
Anoop Rohera,
Member Dwarka Forum