Beware of Dengue complications

Dr. C.M. Bhagat

Delhi has suffered from dengue and other viral illnesses in last three months.

On an average of one member of each house has suffered. Falling platelets is common feature along with weakness & bi- phasic temperature, swelling of joints, pain, rashes, vomiting, bleeding etc.etc. With the changes of temperature every body expected decrease in such cases but unfortunately though the number of cases has gone down, the incident of complication has gone up. This is a very bad sign.With Sagarpur, Mahavir Enclave, Dabri, Vijay Enclave, Palam, Palam colony, Nasirpur, nearby dwarka being the main area which is affected. Residents of these areas should be carefull about complications which are coming.

These complications are mainly in the form of patients going into shock due to fall in blood pressure, multi organ failure, hypo thermia (fall in temperature), decrease in urine output, swallon body, difficulty in breathing, increase in nausea and vomiting and swelling in the abdomen. Patients who are obese, diabetic, on steroids and having other immuno suppresive drugs are prone to these complications and they should be very careful. Even otherwise normal persons are not spared. Incidence of death is very high in these cases. So be careful.

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