BHAGAVATHY SEVAI at Sri Ram Mandir on 3rd August

Sri Ram Mandir, Dwarka is pleased to inform its devotees that it will be organizing Bhagavathy Sevai on 3rd August 2013 to be conducted by Namboodri Sri Venkatesh, as per the following programme. The Bhagavathy Sevai is normally conducted during the Aadi Masam (Karkataka Masam) for the welfare and well being of the devotees and to mitigate the sufferings from diseases, etc. occurring during this period.

Date /Day— Time———- Function
03.8.13        9.00AM —-Ganapathy Homam
Saturday      5.30PM —-Padmam (Preparing of Kolam)
                   6.30PM —-Bhagavathy Sevai
                   8.30PM —Deeparadhanai and Prasada Viniyogam.

Ganapathy Homam Rs.250/- per sankalpam
Bhagavathy Sevai Rs.200/- per sankalpam

Devotees who are interested in participating in the above sewa, are requested to give details like Gotharam, Nakashatram, Rasi and Name along with the above amount to any of the following 
M. Viswanathan – 9312247576 . Ganesan – 9810138189 

Devotees are requested to attend in large numbers and be recipient of the blessings of the almighty on the above occasion.