M. K. Gupta

I wonder if there is some time keepers in the DTC to keep a tab and regulate the movement of the bus trips or their movements depends on the whims and fancies of the drivers and conductors.

On 17.11.2012, I, along with my wife, was waiting for a bus of route No. 77 or 770 at Sector 2, Dwarka bus stand. During 6.25 p.m.to 6.48 p.m., we noticed about 8 buses of route No. 764 going to Nehru Place, equal number of buses of route No. 778 from Dwarka to Inderlok and about five buses of route number 727 but none on the route No. 77 (for New Delhi Railway Station or 770 (for Ambadkar Stadium near Delhi Gate). Route No. 77, 727 and 770 originates from Madhu Vihar or Sector 2 DTC depot, Dwarka. It appeared that some buses on the routes have originated from Madhu Vihar/ Sector 2 bus terminal) In every bus mentioned seen 5-10 passengers only.

On the one hand, this result in the discomfiture of the commuters and on the other hand, this is wastage of resources or imprudent use of them. This is one of the reasons of the loss to the DTC also.

Tired of waiting, then I started noting movement of buses which is given below:

S.No.– Route No. –Time of arrival at sect. 2 stand
1. ——778——–  18.44 p.m. – From Madhu VIhar/ Dwarka to Inderlok. Bus reg. No. 9934).
2. ——778——–  18.46

3. 778 18.46——-   4. 770 18.48 (first bus of this route came after 18.25 p.m. – could not note further movement as we took that bus).