Bhowmick is a father figure to all of us: Denzil Franco

Nilanjan Datta

Denzil Franco has been an integral part of Churchill Brothers for long. As Churchill Brothers moved to the second spot in the I-League table, the dependable defender spoke at length to about the progress of his club, Coach Subhas Bhowmick, his stint with the National Team and much more. EXCERPTS:

Denzil Franco
You have been with Churchill Brothers for long. What is special about the club?
It’s been a long, fruitful journey with Churchill Brothers and I am relishing every bit of it. On top of that when you have a boss who treats you like your family, you are bound to develop a sense of bonding.

Churchill Brothers have one of the most consistent teams in the recent past but haven’t been able to convert their consistency into winning trophies on a regular basis. What different is Churchill Brothers doing this time?
Winning stays the objective of every team whenever they take the field. We try to give our best and that reflects on the field. But winning and losing stays a part of life. But there has been a massive change in our approach. We are stressing on keeping possession. It’s simple – the more you keep possession, the more chances you create to score. Failures, as they say, are the pillars of success. Whenever we lose, we stay charged up to win the next match at any cost.

How do you describe your present Club Coach Subhas Bhowmick?
He’s someone whom I have personally known since 2008. We share a great working relationship and he is an utter professional. More than a coach, he is a father figure to all of us who commands respect from all for his simple yet realistic approach. You will always find him by your side.

Has the stint with the Indian National Senior Team helped you mature as a player?
Yes indeed! It has given me the opportunity to play with some class players. Being in the National Team changes your perspective and outlook towards the method of play. You get a chance to improve yourself. Besides, when you have a coach like Mr. Wim Koevermans who stays capable in bringing out the best from players, anyone will mature fast. The bonding in the National Team is exceptional.

Who do see the favourites to win the I-League this time and why?
(Smiles) There are some very strong contenders. But the manner we have been shaping up and improving with every match, I’d rather ask everyone to take note of us. (Smiles again).

Pailan Arrows, AIFF’s Developmental Team have been doing well this season. What’s your take?
They have had some favourable results and have been consistent. More importantly, they have done well in the two away matches they played. I wish them luck and hope they continue to entertain us.