Brazilian Carnival held at The Indian Heights School

For students to appreciate the traditions and customs of different country/countries, a Brazilian Carnival was held at The Indian Heights School, Sector 23, Dwarka, where the students of class III participated in various activities for week long. The students of class III learnt about different facts of Brazil through various activities which were conducted to make the event a unique and memorable one. Students participated in all the activities with great fervor and enthusiasm.

The first day was dedicated to a PPT made on Brazil which gave relevant information about the country. Students learnt about its capital, official language, the origin of the name Brazil, the Amazon River, the famous Brazilian Carnival, national game football, their legend Pele and much more. A mask making activity was conducted on day 2 wherein the students emblazoned eye masks with embellishments. On Day 3, a tableau display was held. On Day 4, a worksheet activity was conducted. Day 5 was all about music and dance. Students came dressed in bright and colorful outfits, and adorned the beautiful eye. The students got a glimpse of the Brazilian Carnival when they themselves became a part of it thousands of miles away. Students enjoyed the carnival immensely. The students were enlightened and appreciated the traditional and cultural differences between both the countries.