The Indian Heights School pays tribute to the Legendary Heroes

To salute the heroic deeds and to give tribute to the International Legendary Heroes of the world, The Indian Heights School organized couple of competitions like Character Depiction Competition and Inter house quiz competition for the students of class IX.

The theme of the Character Depiction Competition was ‘International Legendary Heroes’. The performances were splendid as each participant not only dressed up as the famous personality but also spoke like the personality being depicted and carried himself/herself with grace and pride. As most of the performances were enacted on legendary heroes it was a nostalgic journey down the lane. The learners enacted the characters of great reformers like Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Benazir Bhutto, Martin Luther King and other legendary heroes like Napoleon Bonaparte and Mother Teresa.

The Inter house quiz competition was also an eye opener for all as the questions covered almost every aspect of the lives of the legendary heroes, their first venture, their contribution towards the society, their lives and books written by them. To sum it up, it was a glimpse in to the lives of these Men of Honor. The students participated in these activities with lot of zeal and fervor.