New show Hawan on COLORS

Prembabu Sharma

Some of us wear a stone that was given by a Guruji to bring in good luck, success or good health… Some believe in fasting on Monday’s for a good husband… Often we are asked to wear yellow on Wednesdays. We never questioned some of these practices while following them, simply as people have developed strong faith that worked in their favour. These are just a few of the many beliefs that we have in our search to get close to God. Taking a cue from this subject, COLORS explores yet again a virgin territory and launches a new fiction Hawan, starting September 26, Monday to Friday at 7.00 pm. Produced by Rajan Shahi, Hawan is a tale pegged on the relationship between a ‘believer’ and a Guru (Baapji) and the myriad of human emotions that exist between them capturing the journey that goes behind people’s faith.

The show plays on the factoids behind human psychology and the veracity of faith. Baapji, the protagonist of the show is a common man but with unnatural powers who is made a ‘Living God’ by people. They swear by his remedies and idolize him as an answer to all their problems. A man with a family who lives in the 21st century among mortals and a mortal himself, Baapji is a doctor, a spiritual healer… but positioned higher than God!

Talking on the launch of the show, Ashvini Yardi, Head of Programming, COLORS says,“With Hawan, we explore yet again a completely fresh concept and foray into a new territory which captures the journey of what goes behind people’s faith and beliefs. It is an attempt to understand the human side of the interrelationships, the conflicts within, the idea of faith & belief and the power of love. It deals with a gamut of human emotions that exist in our society, without getting judgmental about the society or a person in particular. HAWAN is one of such fiction show with a difference in treatment and storytelling, well researched and etched out characters put together by Rajan and his team.”

Commenting on the new show Rajan Shahi, the founder of Directors Kut Productionsays, “Hawan is a story about a devotee and God however it is not a religious show. The show is purely fictional with many situations playing on human emotions. Every aspect of the story and characters has been well researched and build on the idea of Faith making it relevant to the society. We have tried to explore this subject of belief and faith that exists and are confident that the audience will relate to this concept.”

Hawan brings together a versatile set of artists to portray the powerful roles – Narendra Jhaplays the main protagonist Baapji, Sahiba plays Baapji’s serene wife Janki, Pankaj plays the eldest son Saam and portraying his wife’s character is Shubhagi as Trishna. Atul Srivastava plays the role of Baapji’s confidante Chaturvediji and newcomer Shrenu plays the lead as Aastha, a staunch devotee of Baapji.