Bujurgon da Samaj Vich Yogdaan

Dear Everyone!

A Radio Talk in Panjabi on the subject ~BUJURGON DA SAMAJ VASTAY YOGDAAN` was recorded by AIR  on the 5th June,2018,

It will be BROADCAST on the 7 th June, 2018 at 7 PM
on AIR medium/ AM Channel 666 MHz.

In the same, I have specifically covered efforts being made by Senior citizens of DWARKA, in particular & in other colonies of Delhi/other cities, in general, in various social-areas to bring improvement in various sectors of Dwarka & in other parts of Delhi.

Emphasis has been given, therein, that all the concerned local govt/police officials & elected representatives need to give more ACTIVE support to their efforts/encouragement, to them to improve our Dwarka/colonies of Delhi & other cities.

Hope it may interest your readers/members?

Vijay K. Saluja
Former Chief Engineer[civil engg]
New Delhi Municipal Council
Senior Fellow[urban studies]
Institute of Social Sciences,New Delhi
DIRECTOR-Giraffe Heroes India www.giraffe.org/global/india