Traffic Congestion and daily Jam

Traffic Congestion and daily Jam in the Road approaching Palam Colony from East Sagar Pur & ‘D’ Block Janapuri on Pankha Road to Mangla Puri via Kamal Park – Indira Park – Kailashpuri –Sadha Nagar – Pradhan Chowk – Manglapur – Palam Metro Station called ‘PALAM ROAD’ in South West Delhi.

There has been Problem of Traffic Congestion and daily Jam cropping in the only Road approaching Palam Colony from East Sagar Pur & ‘D’ Block Janapuri on Pankha Road to Mangla Puri via Kamal Park – Indira Park – Kailashpuri –Sadha Nagar – Pradhan Chowk – Manglapur now till Palam Metro Station called ‘PALAM ROAD’ in South West Delhi which is becoming worst day by day. There has been construction activities unabated and more and more buildings and commercial establishments are coming up without any check from the Authorities and Population is also increasing due to availability of cheaper accommodation. The Road called Palam Road being a Narrow Road planned 35-40 years back is catering the ever increasing traffic needs. On both side of this Road Shopkeepers have extended their shops to encroach and they are also parking their own vehicles on the Road Side and also the commercial Vehicles are parked on the Road side at the cost of Traffic congestion.

There are unauthorized Marts & Departmental Stores e.g. named “DELHI MART” and “SHRIRAM STORE” where the Vehicles Parked on Road Side by the Customers buying groceries which has created mess on the Road and hence there Jam on Road always but Delhi Traffic Police is silent over this issue so also the concerned Authorities. The alarming situation is becoming at ‘Indira Park Mangal Bazar Chowk” as here the Traffic culminates from two sides i.e. Manglapuri- Kailashpuri (Palam Metro Station) and from Nashirpur – Dashrath Puri -Indira Park Extension (Dasrathpuri Metro Station) being only approach Road called Mangal Bazar Road from Nashirpur- Dashrathpuri. Due to 2 (two) Metro Stations at Palam and Dashrathpuri opened on Meganta Metro Line the traffic has increased. There are no traffic signals and no Traffic Police to control and manage the traffic on both Roads which are worst affected and remain chocked particularly during peak hours of morning and evenings. Palam Colony is most congested Location in the World as per NASA Report . People from Palam Colony are mostly employed in Mayapuri Industrial Area or Elsewhere and on peak hours pass through this Palam Road. At times there is free for all situation and whistle blowing and hooting is another hazard created by Vehicular Traffic. E. Rixas Operators got License to Park their E.Rixa at any place on this Road itself to chase for Passengers going to Palam and Dashrath Puri Metro Stations which is also creating another mess situation. Will authorities take a call and Listen to this genuine Problem of Traffic mismanagement and Road congestion and take the Road widening measures and also deploy Traffic Police and clamp down on the erring Shopkeepers who have extended their shops on the Road and created this unruly situation and so also the Commercial Vehicles parked on the Road Side. Will Authorities find solution after getting Survey done??

Next is the PALAM ROAD starting from ‘D; Block JANAKPURI ( below Pankha Road Flyover) via East Sagarpur, Kamal Park, Indra park, Kailashpuri, Sadh Nagar, Pradhan Chowk terminating at MANGLA PURI which has become a Road similar from New Delhi Station to Sadar Bazar in Central Delhi.Now this road has all the way Jam and Chocking / Traffic Snarl. This is the only approach road for PALAM COLONY. PALAM COLONY is another most populated and most congested and most Polluted Colony in the World as per NASA . Since ever increasing housing activity, leading to increasing inhabitants causing life difficult and dangerous on all front due to Congestion and Pollution. This being only approach Road for these Sub Colonies of Colony Palam has been encroached from both sides of Palam Road by Shop Keepers who have extended their Shops and their Vehicles are parked in front of their Shops and also this Road is Parking Place for Commercial Vehicles who do not find place elsewhere, Ola and Uber Cabs all seen parked in this Road. Will Government Authorities get the Road Surveyed during peak hours and suggest to Hon.ble Chief Minister or Hon.ble Chief Minister on his own get this Road de-congested and widened this my/ our humble submission in the interest of Residents without prejudice. Will Concerned Authorities and Area MLA of AAP PARTY solve this alarming situation and Jam Problem soon ?

Citizen’s Reporter

FCS LLB CWA.I DLL DCL BA B.Com, M A (Sociology)