I live in sector 22 of Dwarka. My apartment,located on the service road parallel to the main road leading to metro station, is not very far from Sector 21 Metro station.It is just about less than 10 minutes walk.About three years back,this service road was hardly trafficked road.over the years, this has become very busy road.rickshaws,e-rickshaws,two-wheelers. four wheelers,ply on this stretch with gay abandon. besides,high-rise construction,on one of the plot, has aggravated the situation,what with trucks bringing in building materials & taking out some construction waste et al. The quiet area has become noisy what with a five star hotel on this road & its attendent functions from time to time,& more traffic on the main road

But, the urbanisation malaise just does not end here.The problems of many kinds have cropped up out side the Metro station.Rickshaws,e-rickshaws,scooters, are parked on both sides of the road/service roads crating may-hem at all times of the day.At this station,two lines[Airport Express.Yellow line] terminate, so,number of commuters have increased manifold.Lot many bring their cars/two wheelers etc & park it whereever they get any parking place & take the metro.Vehicles keep parked,till they return.Result-clogging of narrow service roads,mayhem in the allotted parking area etc etc.With lot many using this station one corne,in particular, near the entrance remains full of garbage of all kinds giving not only ugly look but is a sad reflection of the efficient METRO Management whose standards are expected to be everytime better than other agencies.Entrance footpaths/ road-stretch are broken/remain unattended for days/months together.This is SAD .there is mushrooming of hawkers/sale outlets of various kinds outside on all the flanking roads. In the morning & evening,buses etc also disgorge their occupants creating a messier area.

This state of affairs prevails now at almost all the entry & exit points of METRO STATIONS?!

Concerned authorities & Citizens-ask your self,pl
When will, we all become responsible & caring towards public areas/properties?

These are public properties that means,these are ours[we are public!].We need to take care of these Schools, RWAs, TWAs, Ladies groups,concerned authorities need to evolve a sustainable starategy for keeping our public areas CLEAN & safe.

Vijay K. SalujaDirector
Giraffe Heroes India