Character and Wealth

Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

The integrity is a great asset in itself. Great men possess the only wealth in the form of their character with its support they continue to proceed on their path of progress. Value of character is far greater than the value of monetary funds. Author of the Mahabharata also wrote :

‘वृत्तं यत्नेन संरक्षेत् वित्तमेति च याति च।
अक्षीणो वित्ततः क्षीणो वृत्ततस्तु हतो हतः।।

“Vrittam Yatnen Sanrakshet Vittameti ch Yaati ch.
Akshino Vittatah Kshino Vrittatastu Hato Hatah”

“One should protect the character with great efforts, as money is transient, comes and goes, loser of money is not inferior, but the person, whose character is destroyed, he himself is entirely destroyed.”

Those who lost character in the greed for money or those who earned money but lost character, have actually acquired wealth through sin only. A man of loose character is nowhere respected in spite of his wealth, on the other hand, a man of good moral character is respected everywhere even if financially poor.

People show superfluous respect to the rich for fulfilling their selfish motive. Once the purpose is served, or the hope of any gain vanishes, the selfish will move away from the rich if the rich is weak by character.