Color me different

Praveen Kumar Sharma 

Color me blue.
I like you.

Color me yellow.
I am a happy fellow.

Color me red.
I am not so bad.

Color me green.
I love Mr. bean.

Color me brown.
I will make a chocolate town.

Color me pink.
I need a lemony drink.

But if you.
Color me purple.
Nothing would rhyme with me.

I am very sad.
I am very bad.
Feeling black & white

Color me black
I will be red

Color me white
I will be alright.

What if black is beautiful.
Color me black

What if you all were white.
Color me white.
So we don’t need to fight.

What if black is not bad.
What if white is not good.
They are just different.

Color me different.
Color me different.