Community leaders training workshop organised by SSA at Sector-6, Dwarka

A two days workshop (23rd and 24th November) was organized at Govt co ed Senior Secandary School, Sector-6, Dwarka under Sarva Sikhsa Abhiyaan , S/W Distt Nazafgarh zone 21 Kapashera -Dwarka Area. The theme was “Community leaders training workshop” and started from 9.00 AM to 12.00. Many representatives from schools ( VKS members, PTA members and local social organizations) were invited at the workshop. Some of the main invitees include
Sh. Naresh Lamba ( Chairman VKS GBSS School Shahabad Mohd Pur, Member Delhi Team-Bhagidari), Sh. Shetra Pal ( DURCC SSA – Zone-21), Sh. Sarmel (DURCC SSA – Zone-22E),
Sh. A.S. Bist ( CRCC SSA – Zone-21), Sh. Rattan Lal Kaushik ( Member Core Committee Bhagidari Distt. S/W ), Sh. Kuldeep Solanki (Chairman VKS SKV Palam) , Sh. Pokermel ( VKS SKV Palam), Sh. Rattan Singh ( VKS Govt Girls School Sahabad Mohm Pur), Sh. Prabhu Dayal ( Charman Govt. Boys Senior Sec School Pochan Pur), Sh. M.L. Mina Teacher ( Govt Boys Senior Sec School Pochan Pur) and about representative and PTA from about 20 schools attended the workshop.

On the first day of workshop Sh. Shetra Pal informed about the objectives, fund, social support by SSA. He explained the SSA ‘s support to schools regarding restructure, study facilities and to coordinate for development of school. To eradicate sex discrimination and discrimination for handicap and to provide education to every child upto eight class. Now in Govt schools students will not fail upto class seven. He explained about education rights:
* 4-14 years children will get mandatory education
* responsibility given to all regional schools
*This age group children must be in school
* Each child should be studied up to class 8.
* In all Govt schools free education, uniform, books etc. up to 8 class.

SSA is doing a good job for betterment of Delhi Schools:
* 35-40 students should be in a class
* Construction of new room as require in school
*Provision of a Primary school in one KM radius.
* Provision of a Senior school in three KM radius.
*Mid day meal up to class eight
*Yearly 10 days SSA training for all Teachers
* Before appointment of new teacher, 10 days SSA training is necessary
*Every year Rs. 5000 to Rs12000 support as School Grant
*Rs 7500 for maintenance ad building repair
*Rs1200 help for handicap children
*Rs 450 book help for highest attendance for a student
*Rs 100 Book help for topper in each class

On second day Sh. Shetra Pal discussed in detail about life improvement with the community leaders. He explained that SSA considers Education and social work as two sides of a coin.

He explained in detail about IECKAP formula
*I – Information * E-Education * C – Communication * K – Knowledge
*A- Attitude *P – Practice

Sh Sarmal informed about the utility of VKS fund of Rs 4 lakhs given to each school. Sh Naresh Lamba raised the point to include Sanskrit in class XI at Sahabad school.