Correlation Between Sexual Scandals and Kundalini Yoga


Kundalini Yoga [K.Y.] is a secret path of achieving realization and liberation, by following certain laws, rules and secret practices.

Although throughout life time the kundalini power remains in dormant state in the base of spine. K.Y. enables one to balance creative- sex -energy, subconscious mind and physical body.

The basic universal-cosmic energy lies dormant in the base of spine known as Kundalini or divine creative -sex-energy. K.Y. teaches the simple and speedy techniques to focus the concentration upon this dynamic and cosmic power, to awake the kundalini.

Kundalini-awakening is a very sacred and secret knowledge and must be given and taught by a true Kundalini Yogi or spiritual master, only to those aspirants having full dedication and self control, under a closely guarded secret.

Awakening of kundalini is truly a spiritual practice dedicated to realize the higher states of awareness, if it is uncontrolled and misused its awakening is fraught with disasters, scandals and distresses.

K.Y. is a science of awakening the Kundalini power upward through the psychic passage of the spine, crossing the six chakra’s present in the passage. Each chakra is the psychic centre and reservoir of Pranic Energy and directly connected to the brain. With the awakening of any chakras a massage is communicated with its particular corresponding portion of the brain triggering a specific physical and mental stimulation.

Each chakra has certain negative blocks and basic animal instincts. When kundalini power begins to raise, the negative energy blocks and patterns of that chakra slowly starts to get dissolve and cleansed in the divine universal energy. In this cleansing process if the disciple does not have proper guidance and knowledge of body, mind and soul he may face severe traumatic physical and mental disasters. The worst traumatic results of K.Y. are the manifestation of sexual scandals and disasters.

Some of the derogative sexual behaviors and patterns seen in the disciples of this path are:

Sexual urges increases many folds
The Root chakra is the seat of animal instincts. It controls the unconscious mind. When awakening begins to take place the unconscious mind materials begin to surface on the conscious mind. The sudden busts of unconscious mind accentuate the suppressed sexual experiences, thoughts and activities of past and present life in a traumatic way.

The animal instinct of sexuality increases many folds, the disciple may lost in the physical and mental of world of deformed and perverted sexuality. Further with the awakening of second chakra the Naval Chakra the craving for sensuous pleasure increases several folds.

Sexual activities in lucid dreaming
With the rise of kundalini power the suppressed sexual patterns, memories and emotions stored in unconscious mind are manifested and released in lucid dreams as purification and cleansing process. The disciple may feel the abnormal sexual pleasures, stored in the memory of unconsciousness.

Sometime in the process of union of the Yin and Yan, he may feel multiple spiritual orgasms in the dreams or has erotic visions in the dreams.

Incidents of Astral sex and astral rape
With the opening of fourth chakra the Heart Chakra the person leaves the realm of physical world and enters the Para-normal domain, in the periphery of spiritualism. The disciple may feel extreme emotion of repeated sex and rape by psycho-spiritual subtle bodies of this and outer world entities.

The subtle entities satisfy their sexual urges and gain spiritual power of kundalini energy earned by the disciple. These lucid dreams may induce distress and mental illness in the disciple.

Sexual advantage taken by the masters and yogis in astral plane
Some powerful masters and strong disciples of K.Y may project themselves in the astral plane, by just their intention. They can sexually abuse the other disciples of same or opposite sex; in their dreams and can also manipulate their minds, thoughts and emotions to gain sexual favors.

In India many female disciples of K.Y. have complained of their masters and mentors for having repeated sex and rape in their dreams in astral forms, and taking sexual advantages in physical forms by manipulating their minds.