Crackers’ promises new era of animation films: Anil Goyal

Prem Babu Sharma
Crackers have some unique aspects and this film will be one of the first in its kind in the history of the Indian cinema. The plot is very unique and gripping. The film portrays various emotions like love, comedy, emotions and action, which we generally find in the real cinema. It is about how the youth enlightened by the power and knowledge fight with the terrorists. The film’s special effects will be something to look out for as we have used 4D effects too. Music and Animation Sequences are the USP of the film.
This animation film is different. Instead of mythological characters, 3-D movie “Crackers” is inspired by the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks and also pays tribute to pop icon , I am trying to change the way animation films are made in India.
“My movie is inspired by the Mumbai terror attacks. The first half of the movie is full of fun, music, love and romance, but after the interval the focus shifts to the terror attacks”. This movie is for everyone and the script and animated action sequences are so strong that it will keep the audiences glued to their seats,” .This Movie is made at a budget of Rs. 100 million, “.
The story of Crackers” revolves around four leading characters – First Mechanical Hero of Indian Cinema- Roxy, Sexy Kate-Heroine, funny character Bolly and rich and dashing guy Gopu who are having good time in a summer camp and suddenly they find themselves in the middle of the terror attacks. The first half of the story also has a love-triangle. So there is a bit of romance, comedy, emotions and action in it. The plot is very interesting and I am sure the people will enjoy it.
Actually some Bollywood producers fear to try different themes in animation movies as “Bollywood filmmakers are still not confident about creating something unusual or try different themes in animated movies. So they stick to mythological characters that everyone is familiar with and sell it to the people.
“I have created CRACKERS in such a way that it will remain in the minds of people forever like any other Hollywood Animation Film”. My attempt is to break this myth and create a platform for good animated movies in India,””Our animation industry is of world class and we have got so much potential. It’s just that it has been ignored. But I am sure if more animated movies will come out, things will be different,”.

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