Screening of “HUM TUM DUSHMAN DUSHMAN” held at IICC

Akhtar Rasool, Shakeel Ahmed, Mukesh Rishi, Iqbal Durrani, Mashaal Durrani

Prembabu Sharma

Recently the first ever public screening was held of the upcoming feature film ‘Hum Tum Dushman Dushman’ at India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi.

This film is written and directed by Dr Iqbal Durrani of Phool aur Kaante fame. Veteran actor Mukesh Rishi and debutant Mashaal Durrani have played the two main protagonists and have beautifully carried the film on their able shoulders. Sohini Paul, another debutant has played the role of a bold journalist and Dhruv Sharma, a child artist amazed every one in his role of a Kashmiri boy with his powerful portrayal of the character.

Mashaal Durrani at Screening of “HUM TUM DUSHMAN DUSHMAN”
This film has Kashmir as the main backdrop, two men who are at loggerheads always due to their enmity with their neighboring countries get trapped in a trench. When the enmity reaches its zenith they both get injured. Amidst all this a tender bud of friendship blooms and they strongly feel if they want to stay alive they need to stay together. Incidentally a little Kashmiri boy also gets caught in this situation and thus the story moves forward as the struggle for survival for these three continue.

This film has been produced by Akhtar Rasool and Dollar Group International. Speaking on this occasion Mashaal Durrani said, ‘My role is no doubt very challenging but I love challenges.’ The cast received standing ovation by the Delhi audience.