Shreya Srinivas

I would like to bring to your notice the fact that during the Common wealth Games , the sector 6 & 10 markets were kept clean, clutter free and even vehicles were not allowed to park inside the market premises. This was made possible with the intervention of the police . This initiative made the market a place where people could really spend their leisure time and enjoy their shopping experience. Now that the CWG is over , the next day itself , the place was strewn with eatables remains and garbage. The markets are back to being overcrowded; thus giving a chance to the bad elements of the society to have a free hand. Being a student , I observed that in the hour of need and under strict instructions, the police could help in making our society a beautiful place to live in by enforcing the people to keep their surroundings clean. Do we have to wait for another CWG or a likewise program for another round of cleaning and clearing the market place? Can’t we live in a clean surrounding as a regular feature. I request the police to make this “clean drive” a permanent feature so that all citizens get into a habit of living in clutter free environment and once habituated , we will not go back to spoiling our surroundings.