Dada Dev Temple, Sector-7, Dwarka

The Dada Dev Temple located in Palam Extension, Sector 7, Dwarka is a revered place of worship for local people. Dada Dev is worshipped as the gram devta of 12 villages of Palam, Shahbad, Bagdola, Nasirpur, Bindapur, Dabri, Asalatpur, Untkala, Matiala, Baprola, Poothkala and Nangalrai. Since these villages surround the sub-city, the temple has come to occupy pride of place in the area.

Naresh Lamba, a resident of Sector 7 says, “The temple is a symbol of our religious beliefs and there is also historical proof of it. In olden times there was Baba Ramdev in Tonk district in Rajasthan who was one of the incarnations of Shesh Naag. We call it the temple of gram devta of 12 villages and people have great faith in him.”

The temple complex is huge and is spread over eight acres. Devotees believe in seeking the blessings of Dada Dev before starting any new venture. All the year around devotees come to the temple to offer prayers and to seek fulfillment of their wishes.

According to the priest of the temple, Chander Bhan, married couples come here to seek Dada Dev’s blessings. On the history of the temple he says, “It was the time of Vikram Samvant 781 or 838 AD when the temple was established here. Saints Ramdev and Jaidev brought the pious stone from Tonk district of Rajasthan after a dream came to them. As per the direction of the dream they had to go in the north direction and at night the rock fell from bullock cart and the stone was established here.”

According to him the temple was beautified in 1902 by Uddha Das. In the vicinity there is a beautiful pond and well maintained garden and a mela ground. There is a dharmashala with four big halls and a dispensary. Medical camps are organized regularly. A school for disabled is also being run in the temple complex. Priests of the temple and the people of the surrounding areas say that the soil of the pond cures skin diseases.

Sunday is considered a pious day for his worship and devotees bring gud for chadhava to the deity.