POWER-PRANAYAMA: To dissolve uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts


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The Sanskrit word Pranayama consists of ‘’Prana’’ means vital force and ‘’ayama ‘’which indicates restraint. Prana is not just breath it is cosmic energy. Breath is the gross manifestation of Prana which is subtle.

Just as we are immersed in air so are we immersed in Prana. When we breathe in air, we are taking both air and Prana. The process by which the Prana is controlled is known as Pranayama.
In general Pranayama is associated with control and regulation of breathing process. Hence it mobilized and stabilized the vital force within.The maximum amount of air the lungs can hold is about 6 litres. In a force full expiration one can expel about 5 litres, in one blow. When we breathe normally only ½ litre of air flows into and out of body with each breath.

The amount of fresh air that can enter the lungs depends on the degree of evacuation. Regular practice of Power-Pranayama will ensure proper oxygenation of all the parts of body and cure many diseases.

Proper oxygenation helps in purifying the blood and removal of toxins and carbon dioxide from the body. Pure blood enables proper function of all the organs and thereby increasing vigour and vitality.

Power –Pranayama is a very powerful Pranayama, if it is practiced regularly in morning with empty stomach, all uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, and blockages of fallopian tube will dissolved and cleared within 45 days with 100% result.

Power-Pranayama Outline
· Sit in a comfortable and relaxed, cross-legged position with straight spine.
· Now take 4 very slow and deep breaths from both nostrils.
· Now close the left nostril with the thumb of left hand.
· Now exhale air rapidly by right nostril by quick strokes, like 50 exhales in a minute.

In this process only the stomach muscles should contract per stroke.
Contraction of abdominal muscles helps to evacuate the lungs by raising the diaphragm.
· Now take a very slow and deep breath from the right nostril.
· Closed the right nostril by the thumb of right hand.
· Immediately exhale the air from the left nostril very slowly.
· Now rapidly exhale air from your left nostril.50 exhales per minute.
· Take a slow and a deep breath from your left nostril.
· Closed the left nostril by thumb of left hand.
· Immediately exhale very slowly from your right nostril.

· Repeat the whole set of cycle for 25 minutes or 5 times per session in this manner:

closed the left nostril—50 rapids exhales from the right nostril—one deep inhale from the right nostril—closed the right nostril—slowly exhale from the left nostril—rapid 50 exhales from the left nostril—take one deep and slow breath through the left nostril—closed the left nostril—exhale air from your right nostril.

· Now take 4 very slow and deep breaths from both nostrils.

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