Uttarakhand Disaster

Manohar Luthra

Black clouds roared in the sky
The Sun meekly got out of sight
Turning the day into dreadful night
Clouds rumbled and thundered
Lightening threatening to kiss the ground
Blazing in the eerie darkness
Above the mountains with dreadful sound
Rain came in torrent with full might
The deluge seen only in blazing light
The holy river in full anger
Painted a scene of unseen danger
The force of water swept away all
Tearing apart roofs, uprooting trees
Caused unstoppable free fall
Buildings collapsed, vehicles swept
With river flow taking its toll as if
For some unpaid debt
Rain poured with relentless fury

Dead bodies of men and animals were
Heartrending scenes so gory
Infinite dreams shattered in no time
It looked like doom’s day by writ divine
Thousands saw their homes and all
Washed away in the river gushing like a dart
Their whole world crumbling before
Their eyes in a jiffy like a pack of cards
The force of water shook the earth
All happened just in seconds
Leaving no time for breath
Even god’s idol not spared
Uprooted with one powerful blow
It swept away with current’s flow
Corpses riding on the
Crest of river’s mighty waves
Set on their course on the rise
Were seen by tearful eyes
The number of dead and lost
TO be counted after the river’s fury dies
The holy sites of pilgrimage
Are now out of bound
Many ‘Yaatris’ still not found
For encroaching the river space
The humanity has suffered in the past
Rampant construction with mountain blast
Raping the nature for his gain
Man has to bear inevitable pain
Incalculable loss is but
Nature’s answer to human greed
A heavy price to pay for men’s misdeeds