Artz Fine Arts Gallery Presents “Tabula Rasa”: series of group exhibitions

The bash and impact of summer is fully on the above in the capital of India. Major amount of people run to escape summers with vacations to holidays or gather their evenings by arranging refreshments.

During this phase Artz Fine Arts gallery brings their unique concept of exhibition entitled as “tabula rasa”. The term Tabula Rasa is an inherited term from Latin vocabulary. The term flaunts its meaning as “the new beginning”. This exhibition is one of the first kinds happening in the capital of India. The exhibition will take its start on 19th of September 2014 and will close on 26th September 2014.

The exhibition is framed to serve its title with every means as its keen and well projected to promote the upcoming talents of visual arts. The show will serve ten exhibitions in ten weeks; every week will showcase 7 different artists from all over the nation and even across the globe.

Regarding the show the gallery director Mr. Manoj Sejwal said that “this gallery is entirely a new venture for me, being a Delhi guy and based in Lado Sarai I have always observed different galleries promoting artists and their talents, but somewhere I felt a bleak about those who never got a chance to be a part of it. My idea of this gallery and this show is all about to promote and do art for art’s sake.” All ten shows will have curated approach regarding their display and montage says curator Debabrota Das, moreover “the market is not about branded works, it’s all about good works and thus this show is” says Curator Debabrota Das.

The fist show of Tabula Rasa is planned on 19th July 2014 and the participating artists in this show are Gazal Alagh, Meena Laisaram, Ritu Singh, Ritu Gupta, Shiv Kiran, Kamal Nath, Shagun Mohindra,Tanushree Singh and Sheetal Gulati. The show will carry wide range of variety from visual arts such as mediums like paintings, sculptures; photography etc will be the part of show.

To give it a formal start they gallery has arranged a wine and cheese evening where eminent TV Actor Mr. Ashok Pandey, Eminent Artist Asit Kumar Patnaik nd Jagganath Panda (eminent Artist) will open the show.

Details of the event:
19tlh July to 25th July 2014 – 1st Exhibition

Time and Venue of the Show:
Date : 19 July 2014
Cocktail Preview from 5:30PM

Artz Fine Art Gallery
F 320 A , Lado Sarai
New Delhi, India 110030