The E.O.W.’s report regarding Housing Draw-2008, wherein allegations of rigging of the software and certain irregularities were alleged, has been received. The report comprises investigations by EOW, software report from GEQD Hyderabad and also report from C-DAC. The report does not indicate any connivance or favouritism by any DDA serving officers or those connected with the draw. C-DAC the Head of the Resources Centre for Cyber, Forensic of C-DAC, Trivandrum, Kerala after analyzing all the hard disks of computers used in DDA draw, DDA server, software, has not found any evidence of rigging of software. The report has given its finding which are, as conveyed by EOW, as follows:

“C-DAC could not find any evidence that the software had any vulnerability to be compromised nor could they detect any evidence of external tampering. The report also states that from an analysis of the Source Code, the experts could not find any evidence to indicate that the software shows any type of bias towards any specific applicant or applicants. In response to our specific query whether there is any evidence of external tampering after loading the software on, before or after the date of draw i.e. 16.12.2008, the C-DAC experts have opined that they could not find any evidence of external tampering after loading the software for draw”

As per the report of the EOW there are 9 accused persons who had fraudulently got a large number of DDA forms filled in by inducing poor and illiterate persons belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes etc. with a view to corner maximum flats in bargain and caused wrongful gain for themselves. Out of the total 5238 successful DDA applicants, only 1.37% i.e. 72 successful candidates fall in the purview of such investigations and are connected with these persons. EOW has already arrested the 9 accused and further investigations are being done to establish specific roles being played by all the accused persons, suspects in cornering flat offered to the general public in DDA Housing Scheme 2008.

It may be mentioned that since DDA has now received the report, the process of issue of allotment letters will commence in November itself. The persons who fall within the purview of the investigation as mentioned above, will not be issued any allotment letter till the investigating agency clears these cases.

It may also be mentioned that Housing Scheme-2008 was launched by DDA on 6th August, 2008 and was open upto 16th September, 2008. A total of 5,66,906 applications were put to draw. A total number of 5238 applicants were successful. Before the draw itself DDA had clarified through the brochure as well as through media interactions that all applications will be put to draw and authenticity of the documents submitted by an applicant will be verified only after the draw, for successful applicants only. In view of certain allegations leveled by certain sections including media, an internal inquiry had been ordered as well as EOW also started investigating the alleged irregularities on the basis of a complaint. No irregularity in the process of the draw or any connivance of the DDA serving officers has been indicated in any of the investigation reports so far.

Neemo Dhar,
Director Public Relations, DDA