In the Authority meeting held today, apart from the routine agenda items, the following major decisions were taken:
I. DDA Budged for 2009-2010 was passed.
II. Zonal plan for Zone ‘O’ and ‘P-II’ which had come to the Authority after incorporation of suggestions and objections, was also passed.
III. Permission was granted for holding Light & Sound Show near Quali Khan Tomb by ITDC and DDA in a joint venture.
IV. Nehru Place was declared as ‘No Hawking Zone’

I. Delhi Development Authority in its meeting held today presented the Budget Estimates for the year 2009-2010 and also revised Budge Estimates for the year 2008-2009. The Budget Estimates have been approved.

The Budget for the year 2009-10 envisages increased expenditure on new development works especially regarding EWS houses, in Situ-development of slum clusters and upgradation and maintenance of existing sports complexes, greens and also payment to DMRC. Emphasis has also been laid on speedy completion of infrastructure and development of projects related to Commonwealth Games wherein emphasis will again be laid on providing more facilities in the existing sports complexes and to development of greens.

The year 2008-09 witnessed many highlights specially in the completion of the formulation of various zonal plans, meetings of the Board of Enquiry and Hearing of the objections and suggestions regarding various zonal plans thereby ensuring public participation in the formulation of the plans. A new Housing scheme was also floated wherein 5000 flats on freehold basis were offered and DDA received about 6,00,000 [six lakhs] applications for the same. Though aspersions were cast on the various aspects of the scheme but despite an internal inquiry and also an ongoing inquiry by EOW, no connivance of any single working DDA Officer has, so far, been indicated. DDA got recognition for its Master Plan-2021 and was conferred ISOCARP Award for Excellence to MPD-2021. In-situ rehabilitation schemes for providing civic amenities and facilities to all the slum clusters were also taken up and 21 clusters were identified for the purpose. 4 pockets namely at Kathputli Colony-Shadipur Depot, J.J. Colony Jailorwala Bagh-Ashok Vihar, Bhanwar Singh Camp-Vasant Vihar and at Kalkaji were taken up in the first phase.

The Unified Traffic and Transportation Infrastructure (Planning & Engineering) Centre was set up to ensure implementation of traffic and transport policy of Government of India and also to study projects from Transport Engineering point of view.

The salient features of the Budget – 2009-2010 and Revised Estimates for the Year 2008-2009 are outlined briefly as below:


i) Receipts: The receipts for the year 2009-2010 have been projected at Rs.6570.58 Crs as compared to anticipated receipts of Rs.3625.18 crores in revised budget estimate for 2008-2009. Actual receipts for the year 2007-08 were Rs.6520.88 Crs. A sum of Rs.2824.13 crs. from disposal of residential / industrial, institutional, commercial plots and group housing and Rs.891.09 crs. from disposal of houses/shops is anticipated during 2009-10.

ii) Payments/Expenditure: Expenditure for the year 2009-2010 has been projected as Rs. 4737.83 Crs as compared to Rs.2507.58 Crs in the revised estimates for the year 2008-2009. The actual payments during the year 2007-08 were Rs.1209.86 Crs.

iii) Land Acquisition: A provision of Rs.75.00 Crs. has been made in the RE 2008-09 for meeting with the requirement on account of land acquisition and payment of enhanced compensation to Delhi Administration. In BE 2009-10 a provision of Rs. 100.00 Crs. has been made under this head.

iv). Development of Land: To meet the increasing demand for residential, industrial, commercial and institutional land, DDA has undertaken development works at Rohini, Dwarka, Shalimar Bagh, Jasola, Dhirpur, Bakarwala etc. A provision of Rs.1061.90 Crs. has been made for this in R.E. 2008-2009 against provision of Rs.1111.34 Crs. made in BE 2008-09. For BE 2009-10 a provision of Rs. 1183.16 Crs. has been made under this head.

v). Disposal of Land: A sum of Rs. 1252.94 Crs in the RE for 2008-09 has been anticipated to be received as land premia towards disposal of residential land, industrial, commercial and institutional plots against Rs.2701.17 cr. projected in BE 2008-09. A sum of Rs.2824.13 Crs. has been anticipated in next year BE 2009-10. The disposal of plots is planned mainly in Rohini, Dwarka, Jasola, Green Park and Paschimpuri etc.

vi) Disposal of flats and shops: Receipts of Rs. 387.04 Crs are anticipated during 2008-09 from disposal of houses and shops under different categories against provision of Rs. 488.25 Crs in BE 2008-09. In BE 2009-10 the receipt are anticipated as Rs. 891.09 Crs.

vii) Construction of Houses & Shops: A provision of Rs.751.72 Crs has been made in BE 2008-2009 for construction of houses and shops. It has been revised to Rs.495.68 Crs. in RE 2008-09. For BE 2009-10 a provision of Rs.935.07 Crs. has been made under this head.

At the beginning of financial year 2008-09, 14013 houses were in progress and are at various stages of construction and 8704 houses were likely to be completed by 31.03.2009. Under Jawahar Lal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission Scheme 42380 EWS houses have been planned so far. It is expected that 10,000 EWS houses are likely to be taken up for construction.

2. Infrastructure Development: For construction of Master plan roads in Bakarwala, Narela, Mahipalpur and Mundka etc. a provision of Rs.18.68 Crs and Rs.61.07 Crs. has been kept in RE-2008-09 and BE – 2009-2010 respectively.

3. Flyovers: For construction of flyovers, clover leaves, round under bridge and round over bridge works a provision of Rs.333.09 crores has been kept in BE 2009-10.

4. Payment to DMRC: A provision of Rs.319.95 Cr. in RE 2008-09 and Rs.147.46 Cr. has been kept in BE 2009-10 for making payment to DMRC for further extension of Metroline in Dwarka from Sector 9 to 21 under Ph.II and Metro link between IGI Airport and Sector-21 Dwarka.

5. Construction and maintenance of Sports Complexes: Presently, the sports infrastructure of DDA comprises of 13 sports complexes, 1 Mini Sports Complex, 39 multigyms including two ladies multigyms, (13 in Sports Complexes + 26 in Green areas) 26 play fields, 20 fitness trails, 2 Golf Courses 3 Golf Driving ranges and 13 swimming pools. Facilities for over 20 sports discipline activities are provided at these sports complexes including Tennis, Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis, Billiards, Basketball, Hockey, Cricket, Football, Jogging, Skating, Golf, Shooting, Swimming, Aerobics, Yoga, Taekwondo, Fitness Centre, etc. Facilities for Health Clubs are also planned for development.

Sports Complexes are catering to the needs of 42,773 individual members, 3,077 temporary members and 20,204 non members.

An amount of Rs.61.41 Crs and Rs.74.41 Crs has been provided in the RE 2008-2009 and BE 2009-10 respectively towards construction / maintenance of various Sports Complexes/ Sports fields, Swimming pools etc.

6. Commonwealth Games 2010: DDA has been assigned the following Role for Commonwealth Games –2010:

a. Development of Games Village
b. Development of competition venues for table tennis, archery preliminaries (Yamuna Sports Complex), badminton and squash (Siri Fort Sports Complex).
c. Provision of training venues for following events will be provided:
d. Siri Forts Sports Complex – badminton, squash, tennis and swimming
e. Yamuna Sports Complex- Table-tennis, swimming, archery, rhythmic Gymnastics (women’s), Lawn bowls
f. Saket Sports Complex: Badminton

For Commonwealth Games 2010 a provision of Rs.740.10 Crs. has been kept in BE 2009-10.

7. Maintenance of Greens: Considerable emphasis has been laid on development of green areas, which are the lungs of the city. DDA has developed approximate 4587 Hactres of green in the form of 4 Regional Parks, 111 District Parks, 25 city Forest, 605 M.P. Green/Zonal Green/ Green Belts, 255 Neighborhood Parks, 13 Sports complexes and one mini sports complex. Major parks / district parks taken up during the current year for development of green land at Swarn Jayanti Park, Dhaula Kuan, Archeological park at Mehrauli, Vinova Puri, Vasant Kunj, Mayapuri etc.
For maintaining ecological balance and beautification of parks a sum of Rs.304.81 Crs and Rs.388.61 Crs has been provided in RE 2008-09 and BE 2009-10 respectively.

(a) Indraprastha Park: Indraprastha Park sprawls over an area of 34 hact. with about 2000 mtrs long stretch along Ring Road. It is a standing example of wasteland reclamation and transformation into a green. The park has five zones namely – Smriti Van, Fragrant Garden, Bougainvillea Garden, Topiary Garden, Foliage Garden.
A provision of Rs. 1.52 Cr. has been made in BE 2009-10 for further development.

(b) Swaranjayanti Park, Rohini: Swaranjayanti Park in Rohini is one of the prestigious joyous blooming land mark green created by DDA. Spreading over a sprawling 96 hect. Area, a Kaleidoscope of recreation facilities have been developed in the green lung. The park serves as a get away from hectic monotony for people of all ages with its manicured gardens, uniformed greens, boating facilities, amusement area for children, natural water bodies, jogging trails and large exhibition and congregation areas.
A provision of Rs.1.75 Crs. has been made in B.E. for the Year 2009-10.

(c) Astha Kunj: Located amidst several business offices of Delhi, this heaven of unparalleled beauty is DDA’s conscious effort to address the spiritual needs. Over looked by the equally serene Lotus temple, this calm and tranquil 100 Hact. reserve invokes a placid calmness into the monotony of life. A budget provision of Rs. 2.60 Crs has been kept in BE 2009-10.

(d) Sat Pula Lake Complex : The site is located near Saket where the monument of Satpula is located in a large green area. The Satpula Lake Complex is spread over 15 hact.of land and has been designed to provide recreational activities. The treated water of the nallahs will be used to fill up the lake. Various lake side facilities like amphiteatres, food-courts, seating areas and rolling landscapes and to the ambience of the Satpula monument. The total area has been linked by informal walk ways and bridges. A budget provision of Rs.2.00 Crs. has been kept in BE-2009-10 for maintenance of this complex.

(e) Delhi Biodiversity Foundation: Delhi Biodiversity Foundation has been constituted under the chairmanship of Lt. Governor Delhi. It has been notified on 6.4.2005 vide Gazette Notification No. 148. Under this foundation work has been taken up in the following Biodiversity Parks.

(f) Yamuna Bio Diversity Park: The project has been taken up in collaboration with CEMDE, (Center for Environmental Management of Degraded Eco System), University of Delhi, which shall conserve flora and fauna of Himalayan Foot hills. Migratory and resident birds species. Under Phase I 156 acres of land has been developed and under Phase – II 300 acres of land will be developed. The mission of the park is to serve as a repository and heritage of Biodiversity of Yamuna River Basin with ecological, cultural and educational benefits to urban society. A budget provision of Rs. 3.20 Crs has been kept in BE 2009-10.

(g) Aravali Bio-diversity park: This project is also taken up in collaboration with CEMDE, Delhi University. It shall preserve flora and fauna of Aravali hills. This Bio-diversity park is spread over an area of 690 Acres (277 Ha) between Vasant Vihar and Vasant Kunj. The mission of this park is to serve as repository and heritage of biodiversity of the Aravali Mountain System with ecological, cultural and educational benefit to urban society and having cultural values. A budget provision of Rs.3.10 Crs. has been kept in BE 2009-10 for maintenance and development of the park.

8. Urban Villages: Keeping in view various needs of urban villages, improvement works such as approach roads, provision of signages, construction / repair of community hall, development of multi-purpose parks, water bodies and dhalao etc. has been proposed to be taken up. A provision of Rs.8.23 crs. has been kept for this purpose in BE-2009-10.

9. Cultural Promotion Activities: For enhancing of social values in Delhi, DDA proposes to enter the arena by sponsoring cultural events with the aim to build corporate image of the organization and also to focus on urban heritage, arts, culture and music. A budget provision of Rs.1.05 crores has been kept in BE 2009-10.

The Zonal Plan for Zone-P-II and the recommendation of the Board of Enquiry and Hearing constituted by the Authority was considered by the Authority and was approved.
It may be mentioned that Zonal Plan of Zone – P-II covers an area of 8534 ha. and falls in north of NCT of Delhi. Excluding from this, the area under Biodiversity park etc (340 ha.) which fall in Zone ‘O’, the area under Zone P-II becomes 8194 ha. Out of this 1924 ha is under green belt thereby leaving 6270 ha. as urbanisable area. The estimated proposed population for this plan is 19 lakhs including that of existing settlements. The work force for this zone as per MPD-2021 anticipated participation rate of 31.1% works out at 7.62 lakhs. 13 sectors / sub-divisions have been proposed and each one of which contains multiple land use categories.
About 51.5% (3229 ha.) has been proposed for the residential use. 1100 ha of this is under existing settlement including villages. The rest is proposed for new residential development and will provide housing facilities to cover 4.2 lakhs families. 14.58 % (914 ha) has been proposed to be developed as ‘Recreational’ landuse in the form of district park, city park, community park etc. Besides this, the zone has green belt covering an area of 1924 ha along northern boundary.
Under commercial development 4.91% (308 ha) 16 community centres, 4 district centers, a wholesale fruit and vegetable market, wholesale trade market etc. has been proposed. About 126 petrol pumps / CNG stations and 54 Gas Godowns has also been proposed as per provision of MPD – 2021.
The draft Zonal Plan for Zone-P-II was approved by the Authority and objections and suggestions were invited through a Public Notice. In response to the Public Notice, 105 objections and suggestions were received which are related to land policy, public private partnership, compensation issues and other related to individual khasras landuse, farmhouses, road alignment, regularization of colonies etc. These objections and suggestions were considered by the Board of Enquiry and Hearing and also heard in person on 16.1.2009 and recommendations were made for incorporating changes in the Zonal Plan.

The Zonal Plan for Zone-O and the recommendation of the Board of Enquiry and Hearing constituted by the Authority for Zone – O was considered by the Authority in its meeting held today and following changes have been approved.
It may be mentioned that Zonal Plan for Zone-O (river Yamuna / river front) has special characteristic and ecological significance. Accordingly, the Zonal Development Plan for Zone-O is conceived to set the strategies for rejuvenation of river Yamuna and eco-friendly development. It covers about 9700 ha. area. It is predominant characteristic are ; 7 road bridges, two railway bridges, two metro bridge and 2 fair weather pontoon bridges to cross river Yamuna. 22 major drains are discharging effluents into the river and the river bed gently slope from 208 msl in the north to 199 msl in south. The plan strives to achieve (i) water supply augmentation; (ii) pollution abatement (iii) land utilization / management; (iv) eco-friendly development. For this purpose, the entire area of the zone has been proposed to be divided into 8 sub-zones keeping in view (a) natural and manmade features / barriers (b) recommendations / conclusions arrived at by the statutory plans and studies made so far. The predominant proposed activities in sub-zones includes recreation, pondage (water harvesting), ghats and water bodies.
The proposed land use includes (a) about 0.64 % (62.21 ha) residential use. No additional areas other than existing, has been proposed. The commercial 0.35% (34 ha) includes of existing IT Park, bottling plant at Madanpur Khadar. The recreational uses area proposed is about 21.14% (2050.22 ha) will be considered as green use zone in which green stretches, biodiversity park, forests, botanical park / herbal park, science park etc. will be permitted without any pucca / permanent construction. And 68.11% comprising of 6607.12 ha will be under river and water body uses.
The public objections / suggestions were invited on the draft Zonal Plan for Zone – O through a Public Notice. In all, 132 objections / suggestions were received from government agencies/ departments, professionals, associations and general public including individuals. These objections and suggestions were heard by the Board of Enquiry and Hearing for Zone-O and recommendations were made for incorporating in the plan. The sports facilities / stadium (cricket and football) and commercial has been replaced by river & water body and green stretches and this Zone will be natural ecological presentation zone i.e. will comprise Biodiversity, flora and fauna and green stretches.

III. ITDC had requested for allotment land near Qutab Minar for sound and light show which will involve depicting the history of Delhi from pre-historic Mahabharat to the Mughal era. ITDC & DDA had jointly identified an area near Quali Khan Tomb for such an activity. It has been decided by the Authority that considering the nature of the programme and the precedence of organizing such programme near Old Fort etc, the permission will be granted subject to the following conditions:
i) Prior to conducting light & sound show, ITDC will seek clearance /NOCs from all concerned authorities such as clearance from Ridge Management Board, clearance from ASI, MCD & the Conservator of Forests;
ii) The title of the land will remain with DDA. The site will not be allotted to ITDC either on licence or on lease basis.
iii) ITDC will not raise any permanent construction. In the event raising any temporary construction becomes necessary, ITDC will seek clearance from DDA;
iv) DDA will have no liability to pay for construction;
v) The land as well as construction, if any, as per permissible rules, would belong to DDA;
vi) All the expenses will be borne by ITDC;
vii) No contours of the site as existing shall be changed; and
viii) MoU will be signed between ITDC and DDA.

The proposal has been approved by the Authority.

IV. For rejuvenation of the District Centre Nehru Place the Authority has decided to declare the Nehru Place area as ‘No Hawking Zone’. The circulation space in this District Centre was getting choked and also considering the security of the high rise building present in the District Centre involved it had been proposed that this area may be declared as “No Hawking Zone area”. Authority approved the proposal.

Director – PR, DDA