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Doordarshan will telecast a New Serial titled “MAIN BAABUL KE DES… from 5th October, 2011. The Serial will be telecast on Wednesday & Thursday at 10.00 p.m. on DD National. 

Anang Desai, Gauri, Renu Pandey, Jyotsna and Malika Juneja are in the main cast.
Over the years, with the progress of India, there has been a noticeable or remarkable improvement in the condition and status of women in Indian society.  Nonetheless, there are still some parts or pockets where women are not enjoying their full rights.
Therefore, there is a vital need for characters such as the lead role of the serial, “Main Baabul ke Des…”, Charu, who even today fights against the injustice that the Indian women faces in many parts of the country.Charu was just a normal girl like any other who was well educated and came from a respectable family. It was in her nature to stand up for the downtrodden and help others in need or distress without thinking of her own interest. But one day something happened which turned her life completely upside –down.
Charu is unable to get married only and only because her younger sister has got married first. Charu is rejected each and every time by potential grooms because people started thinking that she may not have been married because of some defect or deficiency or disease.
Director & Producer: Mr.Gulshan Sachdeva
Music: Ashok Patki

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