A Goalkeeper needs to be a leader: Pfannenstiel

Debayan Mukherjee

 Former German goalkeeper Lutz Pfannenstiel has the unique distinction of playing in all the six Continents is presently in Mumbai where he is conducting a Goalkeeping course, the ‘Art of German Goalkeeping.’ In an exclusive interview with www.the-aiff.com, Pfannenstiel spoke about the importance of the course, the role of of a modern day goalkeeper, the drills and much more. EXCERPTS:

What is the significance of this course?
The position of a goalkeeper in modern day football is of paramount importance. So you need a specialist goalkeeping coach who will look after your goalkeepers. It’s a specialised job. A goalkeeper invariably decides the fate of a match. Hence, we intend to discuss and make all Goalkeeping Coaches aware of the finer aspects of the job.

How will this course help in value addition?
The course will help one to assess himself. It also demarcates the coaches of higher level from the ones of medium level. They also pick up many new drills from the practical sessions and get educated about new ways to deal with situations and problems from the theory classes. This will help them to implement it catering to their needs.

Which other places have you conducted such a course earlier?
I have conducted Goalkeeping Courses in various parts of World – like South Africa, Namibia, Mali, Ghana to New Zealand, Azerbaijan, Cuba and also in Germany. I adjust my syllabus according to the country, their level, weather conditions, ground facilities, culture, etc.

What exactly do you mean by a modern day goalkeeper?
A modern day goalkeeper is one with strong personality and a leader. He should be mentally strong. He should be able to deal with pressure so that on crunch situations he does not chicken out. A goalkeeper always needs to have a character. The goalkeeper plays the role of a sweeper as well as a distributor. He creates counter attacks and visualises moves. He has to read the game well.