Delhi to get augmented water supply

Water scarce Delhi might get an enhanced supply by the end of this month with the Haryana government agreeing to let its canals be used for carrying water from the Bhakra Nangal dam to the capital’s Nangloi water treatment plant.

Haryana has agreed to supply the water after a gap of seven years and following numerous interventions by the Central Water Commission (CWC), Delhi Jal Board (DJB) CEO Arun Mathur told.

Though the Bhakra Nangal Management Board (BNMB) had agreed to supply the water, the Haryana government had refused to supply water citing the carrying capacity constraint of its canals, he said.

Following this the Supreme Court had intervened and asked the CWC to carry out a survey to determine the capacity of the state’s canals.

The CWC examined the canals and determined that though they could not carry the entire 40 mgd required by the Nangloi plant, but they could manage half of it or nearly 20 mgd.

It also directed that repair works be carried out on the canals and their capacity be enhanced. Following this, the Delhi government carried out the repairs at its own expense and asked the CWC to carry out inspections.

After the inspection, the CWC asked the Haryana government to release the water as the canals were ready. The supply is supposed to begin by the end of this month and with this areas like Najafgarh in north-west Delhi, Hastsal in west, Palam, Wazirabad and Nangloi.

“We might even be able to give water to Dwarka, which is facing an acute shortage,” Mathur said. The sub-city can expect to get around 3 MW of water from the Nangloi plant. Haryana will supply the water through the Marwana branch of its canals.

– Zee News