M. K. Gupta

It is a well-accepted that the slip roads are of great help for the left turn at the crossings without causing traffic jam when the traffic wait because of red light. Recently, in a meeting with Dwarka Forum, Mr. Ashok Kumar, ACP, Traffic, also emphasized the need of such slips roads for the smooth flow of traffic. He further said that the Traffic Police would take up this matter with the Delhi Development Authority. The planners of Dwarka have realized this and have left required space for this but this space is not being fully utilized due to elevated footpaths near the crossings. Traffic intersection at Sector 6,7/2,1 and 11,12/5,4 (Ashirwad Chowk) are some
examples. In the peak hours, long queues are seen before the traffic signals at these crossings and the vehicles are able to cross the road only after 2-3 red lights. Opening the blocked slip roads will mitigate the problem.

Also, the entry to Sector 11 market is blocked at the right place due to elevated footpath in front of marked entry gate while the entry to the Sector 5 market in front of ICICI bank is in order. Due to this, visitors to the sector 11 market either parks their vehicle at the main road, as they have to take a long round for using the sub-road before reaching the entry point of this market.

DDA should take this issue on priority basis and should open all the closed passage for turning left by making slips roads at the crossings.