Jt. Secretary,

It is a matter of great concern that the painful activity of ruthless cutting of heavy branches of trees has been repeated by some unscrupulous elements with much more vigour and intensity in nearby area of last reported similar incident two months back, now outside the Paramount and Basawa International Schools near Vardhman Shopping Mall of Sector-23 Dwarka. SUKH DUKH KE SATHI SANSTHA of Sector-22/23 Dwarka has reported this incident again to The Deputy Conservator of Forest of Forest Department, Govt NCT of Delhi under intimation to Dy. Director(Horticulture), DDA, Sector-5 Dwarka for finding out the culprit and to take necessary action against them under law of land as cutting of the green tree branches of such big dimensions is a punishable offence. The Sanstha has also requested them that if such big green trees are being ruined for protection of the cables passing over these trees, the concerned departments may be compelled to install the cables underground and until underground laying of the cables is completed, the obstructing tree branches may be gently groomed with the assistance of some responsible representative of Horticulture Department, in the interest of conservation of greenery.

It is surprising that the Forest Department did not take any concrete action on the report and request made by SUKH DUKH KE SATHI SANSTHA on such a vital issue in October 2011, despite on the spot inspection by their staff. It is hoped that good sense will prevail now at least. The residents of Dwarka, who love their beautiful sub-city, should also come forward now and use their resources to force the concerned authorities in their own manner, for protection our greenery from the callous hands.