Diggy smells rate in timing of Bofors order


‘Speeding up of Tax Order On  ‘Q’ Suspicious’

M K Gupta
          Mr. Digvijay Singh, Congress leader has said that the timings of the order of Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) on Income Tax liability on alleged agents in Bofors deal was suspicious. He said, “Its timing is highly intriguing and claimed that the order was slated for January 4 – just a day before Chief Metropolitan Magistrate was scheduled to pass the order on CBI’s plea for winding up the criminal proceedings against Quattrocchi.  He suspected that the decision in the Income Tax case was inexplicably brought forward to December 31.  This haste by the tribunal gives one scope to doubt the motive behind the action.
          If something is suspicious, that is why Mr. Singh wanted the order to be announced after the decision by the CMM on the closure of case against ‘Q’?  The ITAT deserves Kudos for advancing its decision – if it is really so.  If Congress and Mr. Singh are really committed to fight corruption and dig out the facts about the alleged Commission paid in Bofors deal, they should have welcomed such an action by the ITAT to unearth the truth rather than giving panic reaction.
          By declaring the decision at this crucial timing, it is to been seen whether the members of the ITAT will continue to enjoy the same wavelength with the government which they were hitherto.
(With inputs from ToI, 6.1.2011)