PRAYAAS An Inter School Festival was held in the school premises on 28th September where in 17 neighboring schools participated to give the children of classes Pre-School and Pre-Primary a platform to exhibit the inborn talents of the budding stars of tomorrow. Attractive prizes were given for the following age appropriate events.

Luminarium: A quiz where, by rotating the wheel of fortune showing topics such as my house, fruits , vegetables etc. were designed questions were asked based on the topics. Tie breaker had puzzles etc.

Paper Puppeteers: A brown paper bag was given to the children whom they were supposed to decorate it with waste material and make a hand puppet out of it.

Colorama: A sheet with a drawing outline of a fruit basket was handed over to the children whom they shaded and brought to life the look of real fruits. 

Green-Bites: A dinner plate was given to the children on which they were asked to decorate it with healthy bites. It was a treat to watch these young chefs who explained the value of each food displayed. 

Swar-Tagang: A beautiful melody to ears left the judges spell bound when the raw voices sang semi classical songs to near perfection.
Attired Apologue: A three minute act from Indian history mesmerized everyone when events such as Dandi march, Sicihartha becoming Buddha, Mangal pancley, Gita Updesh, Kalinga war were enacted by the young artist. A treat to watch. 
For each event judges were invited as experts ranging from Bharatnatyam, Odiisi dancers, singers, freelancers in fashion designing, social reformers, music teachers, activity teacher’s bring in un-biased, fair judgment. The dance performances by the students for the opening and closing ceremonies were also applauded by one and all.