Dwarka Forum met MCD officials to discuss various civic problems

Citizen’s Reporter
 Anoop Rohera

Dwarka Forum had 3 hours long meeting with MCD officials today starting 8AM. Office Administrator, Mr. Ved Prakash who is also looking after Ass. Commissioner’s job, has been in touch with us for several weeks. We have been talking to them to improve sanitation. He along with his 6-7 Inspectors was present at sector 6 market where we discussed ideas to keep markets cleaner.

We took their team to Ramphal Circle, where we noticed lags in sanitation and illegal banners all over. He immediately called his other team to clear all illegal banners, hoardings etc. The team then went ahead and covered various sectors. He agreed that it’s a mess all around and there is an immediate need to tighten everybody.

He has started weekly meeting with all inspectors that cover Dwarka to discuss the progress. He specifically instructed inspectors that he needs 40%-50% improvement in 3 days before his next inspection. He is likely to penalize low performing people. We are all very excited to see their anticipation.

However, there is a lack of coordination among authorities like DDA, Works and Horticulture. There is also lack of clarity in terms of who owns what. Malba is under Wokrs, markets are with DDA, Divider bushes are with Horticulture and so on. We are trying to send some suggestions to MCD Commissioner and talk to DDA for a better coordination. Attandance of ‘Safayee Karamchari’ is also a problem. They often found to be absconding in duty hours.

In the mean time, please be the eye and ears of Dwarka and lodge complaints to various departments. We have published the numbers of DDA and MCD staff many a times. Talk to them, if you face any problem, discuss here and there are plenty of people to help you out. Just telling then that you belong to Dwarka Forum will help a lot since we have been building good repo with them.

Let’s all be good citizens by not littering, using dustbins and teach our children too.