Dwarka Forum met Shri A.K. Goyal, CGM(Traffic) for optimization of DTC services in Dwarka

A delegation of Dwarka Forum met DTC officials to impress upon DTC services optimization in Dwarka Sub city.
Following were present : DTC- CGM(Traffic), Regional Manager, Manager Traffic and Dwarka Depot Heads, DF – Sunil Sareen, Shashi Kapoor, SDKS – G.R. Bains

Various suggestion and concerns were discussed with open mind while appreciating and understanding concerns and limitation of each other.

Below are the major actionable items of the meeting:

ISSUE: DTC Website to give updated information on route maps & timings.
RESPONSE: While the Website is updated from time to time, still if there are inaccuracies, same will be corrected. In the meantime, soft copy of the routes/timings will be mailed in a day to Dwarka Forum.
ACTION: Shri Arun Sinha, Senior Manager, DTC (Mob 8744073030)

ISSUE: Display of bus routes numbers on all BQS & its destination; provision of Bus Shelters at identified DTC stops;
RESPONSE: Needs to be taken up by DF with DTIDCL
ACTION: Immediately after the meeting Sh Kapoor & Sh Bains visited the office of DTIDCL at Kashmere Gate. Concerned officers were briefed about the background/issue. The issue will be again followed up soon.

ISSUE: None adherence to designated routes/schedule timings.
RESPONSE: CGM clearly impressed upon the Divisional Mangers/Regional Managers of Sec-2 & 8 Depots present in the meeting to ensure strict compliance of slated timings & routes. In case of any deficiency in service in this regard, it may be brought to the notice/knowledge of Mr.U.S.Tripathi, Divisional Manager, Sec-2 Depot on his Mob 8744073061 OR Mr. Y.P.Khurana, Divisional Manager, Sec-8 Depot on his Mob 8744073068.
ACTION: Dwarka residents may keep a vigil and report non-compliances to respective Depot Managers

ISSUE: Bus from Uttam Nagar to Gurgaon via Dwarka. During peak office hours, hardly any seat is available on entry at Dwarka Sub city.
RESPONSE: CGM was kind enough to accept the ground reality. He has consented to start exclusive bus service from specific pockets of Dwarka(One Way Only) on trial basis for a month or so provided the commuters save time in travelling for which we have been asked to suggest specific start up points/routes.
ACTION: DF may seek suggestions from the end users say by 20th Aug’2014 & chalk out practical plan for own ward submission to the CGM for consideration/implementation.

ISSUE: Decongestion of Madhu Vihar Bus Stand
RESPONSE: After detailed deliberations, CGM sought DF support to seek assistance of ACP (Traffic) of the area to allow them to park buses in service lanes by removing the hawkers OR alternatively earmark some open space within a radius of 1 Km for resolving the problem.
ACTION: DF to explore for the solution in coordination with the concerned agencies & advise CGM (Traffic) DTC accordingly.

ISSUE: To avoid traffic jam, shift existing stand from crossing of Salaria in Sec-22.
RESPONSE: CGM directed Mr. Tripathi of Sec-2 Depot to make himself available at Sec-8 Depot at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, 9th Aug’2014 & see the situation on the ground along with the representative from DF.
ACTION: Mr. Bains has volunteered his services & he will reach at the above venue on the slated day & time. Mr. Bains to update DF after the joint visit.

ISSUE: Route of Buses to originate from other locations move out from Depot of Sec-8 , may be made via Sec-9 of Metro Station, which will surely add to the revenue of DTC as private buses are doing roaring business on this sector.
RESPONSE: CGM desired Mr. Khurana to examine/consider, as minor change in route by a stretch of 1-1.5 km is not going to make any additional burden on DTC and rather will get compensated by additional revenue on one hand besides facilitating the public to use our transport.
ACTION: Mr. Khurana.

ISSUE: To start Dwarka Circular Bus Service connecting various sectors of Dwarka.
RESPONSE: Out rightly rejected. Commercially not viable. CGM suggested to take up the matter with GM(Feeder Services) DMRC as they are increasing the fleet of feeder buses across Delhi just to cater to this demand.
ACTION: DF to take up this issue at appropriate level with DMRC.

ISSUE: In the absence of identified bay at New Delhi Railway Station, lot of inconvenience is caused to the passengers in ascertaining the starting point of bus in any direction of Delhi.
RESPONSE: CGM accepted & had also reportedly encountered the problem. Notwithstanding the space crunch at New Delhi Railway Station, bays for specific direction can be worked out.
ACTION: Mr. Arun Sinha, Sr. Manager, DTC

Meeting ended with vote of thanks to CGM.