Greenlco Eco Foundation organized CLEAN ENERGY-GREEN ENERGY at the India Islamic Cultural Centre in New Delhi on 10th August 2015 on the eve of World Youth Day. ECO- LED BULB and ECO GARDENERS SYSTEM were unveiled to promote eco friendly product and Skill Development Programme. The special guest on the occasion was the 90 years old renowned poet, Janab Gulzaar Dehlvi. Mr. Siraajuddin Quereshi, President, India Islamic Cultural Centre supported the event.

“The issues to be dealt with are innumerable, and will all be raised as the time goes by” said Mrs. Pallavi Saxena, Chairperson, Greenlco Eco Foundation. Mr. Kapil Kishore Saxena, Founder/ Director, Greenlco Eco foundation elaborated on the concept emphasizing the need for developing skills in youth.

Greenlco Eco Foundation has been actively engaged in working on their mission GREY TO GREEN. The concept is to adopt eco-friendly practices aimed at sustainable development. The organization has been raising environmental issues by sensitizing people and offering solutions inspiring to bring about a change in their lifestyles. The concept, ‘care for DELHI air’ has been very popular throughout Delhi and the NCR. Activities like Snakes and Ladders based on air pollution and ECORUN, a run for uniting masses to fight air pollution have managed to draw the youth.

The bulb launched at the occasion has been manufactured completely in India. It is a BIS marked product and is recyclable. Another bulb launched has a backup and works for four hours when the electricity is off. This feature makes it unique.

Skill Development Programme, is a concept by Greenlco Eco Foundation to generate employment for youth as gardeners. This involves a training programme which includes grooming and helping them get employed as respectable, well groomed gardeners in the Corporate sector or other organizations.