Dwarka Sub-City Issues on Traffic & Transport

A core group meeting was held on 21.3.2011 in Director(UTTIPEC)office  at 3.00 P.M. to discuss the various issues / references  raised in the references pertaining to Dwarka subcity.
  The following attended the meeting:

1.      Sh.S.P.Pathak, Dir.(Plg.)Dwarka
2.      Sh. Ashok Bhattacharjee, Dir,(Plg.) UTTIPEC,DDA
3.      Sh.K.S.Dhawan, SE-CC-2/DWK
4.      Sh.L.Chaudhary, SE-CC-13/DWK
5.      Sh. P. K. Behera, Jt. Dir.(Plg.) UTTIPEC, DDA
6.      Ms. Romi Roy, Sr. Consultant, UTTIPEC
7.      Sh.N.P.Sharma, EE-WD-10

8.      Sh.I.J.Gupta, EE-SWD-7

9.      Sh. Sudhir Kain, Asstt. Dir. (Plg.) DDA.
10.  Sh.Mahesh Midha,  A.D., HUPW
11.  Sh.M.S.Chaudhary, AE/WD-10
12.  Ms.Sunpreet Kaur, Plg. Consultant.
Traffic Police
1.      Sh. Sharat Sinha, DCP(Traffic)
1.Sh.Ramesh Chand, CE
2.Sh.M.S.Nimesh, EE
3.Sh.Srimandir EE
4.Sh.Sunil Gahlot,AE
1.Sh.M.C.T.Pareva, Project Manager.
2.Sh.D.V.S.Kansal, EE.
1.      Sh.Avinash Jain, Executive, Rashtra Nirman

2.      Sh.Rejimon C.K, President, Dwarka Forum

3.      Sh.Rajiv Solanki, Dwarka Forum
4.      Sh.S.C.Kanti, Dwarka Forum
The following references were taken up for discussion  for the recommendation of the Group:
1.      References received from  Dwarka Forum & Rashtriya Nirman:

a)   Traffic Circulation at Indian Oil Junction.

To ease the traffic congestion at T junction, following suggestions were made:
i)                    Peak hour traffic management with appropriate signal phasing be introduced   with closing of turning movement during the peak hour.
ii)                   Improvement of the existing junction with suitable Engineering intervention providing separate lane for left turning be taken up by DDA in consultation with cantonment board. The intersection to be provided with proper road marking signage, stop line and signal timings for directional traffic including pedestrian/ NMTs.
Action:  Delhi Traffic Police, Project Manager, Flyover Divn.,
b)   The Problems at T-junction of Samalkh.
·         The traffic problem at the T-junction of Samalkh is by and large due to the on going work of ROB on Bijwasan Railway crossing, which may take about one year for completion.
·          For a smooth movement of the traffic the “T”  junction needs to be a properly designed.
·         Portion of the link road connecting Samalkh T point with NH-8  is with PWD and from Samalkh point up to the underpass, the road is under the jurisdiction of DDA.  The road from Samalkh T point towards Samalkh i.e. Old Gurgaon Road is within the jurisdiction of PWD.
·         This junction was earlier a cross junction which has become a T junction, due to closure of one arm under airport.  
·         PWD was of the view that since DDA has constructed the road from Dwarka underpass to the T-junction, let the development proposal be worked out by DDA which can be implemented by PWD.
·         The long term solution can be worked out while preparing the comprehensive plan for 100 m UER.   
·         This matter to be decided by the  WG-II-B meeting.
      Action: PWD, Project Manager
                       Flyover  and WG-II-B

c)   Development of Road connecting NH-8 to Bijwasan

Chief Engineer-V,MCD intimated that the development of this road is under progress which may take another one month for completion.
                                                                                                                       Action: MCD

2.      References received from  Delhi Traffic Police.
a)      Proper entry and exit to Dwarka Court Complex.

In response to the court directions in Civil suit No.251/10 Dwarka  in the matter of Dwarka Court Bar Association Through its Hony. Secretary, Naresh C.Sharma, V/S MCD, DCP (Traffic) & others, Dy.Commr.of Police Traffic vide letter dated 24.2.11 has forwarded a proposal of providing signalized cut near gate No.3 and suggested to close the gap in central verge in front of  existing petrol  pump.
To improve the connectivity, the cross junction near the High Court to be developed  as signalized intersection which will serve as the access to the court as well as  provide an additional cross connectivity facility between the major intersection existing 1 km apart.
After detailed discussion, it was agreed to provide a signalized intersection which can also integrate the existing service road along the metro line.  The request for closing of the gap was agreed and it will be submitted to WG-II-B meeting for formal approval.  The concerned DCP(Traffic) may intimate the court accordingly.
                                                                                                   Action: DCP(Traffic),CE-Dwarka

3.      References received from  LG office:

a)      Parking space in Dwarka (Ref: Minutes of the meeting held at RajNiwas on 28.12.10 and circulated by Addl. Secy. to LG Delhi vide letter dated 10.1.11)and provision parking at MLU requested by CE (DWK).
i)                    In pursuance of the decision taken in RajNiwas, to use the vacant land proposed for local shopping centre behind Sect-10 market is being proposed for temporary long term parking for shop owners by the CE(C).
ii)                   For short term parking, a comprehensive street scape design is to be prepared  for the entire R/W including the space in front of the market based on Street Design  Guidelines for the mixed land use sites  at Sect-6, 10, Sect-5,11 & Sect-4,5,11,12 at Dwarka.
iii)                 Consultant to be appointed by Chief Architect / Chief Engineer(Dwarka), DDA and the scope of  the work to be decided in consultation with UTTIPEC
iv)                 Concerned Engineering department to carry out a survey for assessing requirement of the parking space for development.
    Action: Chief Architect, DDA, CE-

b)     Removal of obstruction on main Carriageway at the intersection of 6,7,9 & 10 Dwarka (OSD to LG reference dated 14,2,11)

The concerned Engineering Department to take up the case of removal of trees from the carriage way  as per the decision taken in the last Governing Body meeting alongwith other similar cases for approval of L.G.
                                                                                                      Action:  CE-Dwarka

4.      References received from  Engineering Department, Dwarka , DDA:

Construction of Foot over Bridges on Palam Drain road at Dwarka {Ref: letter from DCP Traffic (SR) forwarded by EE(WD-9), DDA vide letter dated 8.12.2010.}
Unauthorized colonies are existing & on both sides of the road, there is criss cross movement of the pedestrians on the entire stretch of the road:
i)                    Signalized table top pedestrian crossing preferably with sound to be provided connecting the  bus stops.
ii)                   ‘T’ junction of road No 224 with road over Palam drain be suitably designed & developed as a signalized junction as per Street Design Guidelines.
Action: CE-Dwarka

a)      Improvement of Intersection at Sector 1,2,6,7 on Road no. 201 and 224.

Consultant to be appointed by the concerned engineering department to take up the improvement of the intersection as per the pedestrian guidelines/street design guidelines.
Action: CE-Dwarka

b)     Development of roads as per UTTIPEC street design guidelines: Appointment of consultant (Reference dated 31.10.11 received from Chief Engineer, Dwarka)

The letter received from CE-Dwarka was discussed and it was suggested that CE-Dwarka  may appoint a consultant to take up the work.
Action: CE-Dwarka

5.      References received from  EPCA:

Congestion, traffic jam and lack of parking in Dwarka (Chairman EPCA letter dated 2.12.10)
It was informed in the meeting that the Malls which are existing Sector-7 opposite CCRT Sector-22,23 have closed their basement due to which  the parking are made on the road side.  Parking issues to be worked out by the Chief Architect, HUPW by appointing suitable consultant.  However, the reference received from EPCA will be forwarded to Chief Engineer Dwarka Project & DCP traffic to take appropriate action and any development of Road to be based on Street Design Guidelines.
6.      Problems regarding bus bays in Dwarka on Azad Hind Fauz MargEmail dated 12.2.11 from Sh. Toby Chacko.
It was suggested that DTC may be intimated to park their buses in the designated DTC depot/ terminals for which land has already been allotted in Dwarka.
All these items with the above observations of the Core Group to be placed before the WG-II-B meeting for decision regarding future action.
Jt. Director (Plg.)UTTIPEC