Imagine TV New show “Haar Jeet”

Prembabu sharma

Parents always dream that their children should grow up to be successful. It brings them a great sense of joy to see their children doing well in life. But sometimes the parent’s dream can turn into a nightmare for the children. Parent’s become pushy and starts living their own dreams through their children. Worse, they push the child towards success so that they can personally benefit from it. Nowhere is this more stark than in the glamour world of TV. Imagine explores this facet of the parent- child relation with a sensitive new show – ‘Haar Jeet’,

The world of entertainment offers everyone the ultimate opportunity to gain fame, adulation, wealth and power. It is perhaps this that motivates parents of young children to push them forward to make a mark in this world. The innocent children, who have no choice, accept this as a reality under immense parental pressure. Haar Jeet is a story about 2 such young girls – Mahika & Ishita both forced into the glamour world of TV to take part in daily soaps and reality shows. The girls brave difficult working conditions, long working hours and constant media scrutiny in trying to fulfill their parent’s wishes. The parents in turn get used to the cushy life provided by the money their children are earning and push them even harder to work more.

Speaking on the concept of the show, Mr. Saurabh Tewari, Head of Programming, Fiction Imagine TV said, “Haar Jeet is undoubtedly going to be a very captivating show for television viewers across the country. We have attempted to bring out a sensitive issue through a unique concept and executed it thoughtfully. This is yet another innovation we have brought to the small screen that will convey a strong underlying message which may be overtly visible in the entertainment field but it pertinent & relevant to every field be it academics, sports or any other form of extra-curricular activity. Haar Jeet will also reflect on human behavior and our basic nature to compare successes and failures in life.