English Literary Week at Basava

The English Literary Week, organised by the Department of English of Basava International School, had a plethora of interesting activities throughout the week. The aim was to empower the children with skills of English communication and guide them to the enchanting world of English literature. The department organized a recitation competition for the parents as the inaugural event. The whole school was buzzing with the activities like word webs, literary quiz, crosswords, puzzles, spin a yarn, limericks, model reading and recitation sessions, role plays and songs. The students enthusiastically participated and learned with ease through these fun-filled activities. The teachers of the department laid emphasis on the effective teaching and learning of English. Inspired by the enthusiasm of the parents, the week culminated successfully with a poetry reading session for the teachers. The Principal, Dr. Manimala Roy, recited a poem by Kamala Das which was indeed mesmerizing and held all spellbound. The teachers enthralled all by the immaculate recitation of the poems from Shakespeare to Robert Frost, from Tagore to William Wordsworth and their self composed poems. The icing on the cake was the inauguration of the new more opulent library of the school by the Chairman of the KLE Society Dr. Prabhakar B. Kore.