Mahavir Enclave Kali Bari

Unique Source of Vibrant Living / A place for abode peace and spiritual (self) realisation
The Mahavir Enclave Kali mandir is in Bengali colony is an example of a high level of involvement of all communities in west Delhi. It spreads the messages of community living and creates an environment of peace and harmony in the society.
Infrastructures available
The developmental works at Kali Bari Mandir had started in the Year-1988 and have been continued till date with the generous contributions of the devotees in kind, money and time etc. A brief outline of Infrastructures added in the Kali Bari includes the constructions and expansions of the temple from a mere donated bit of land in year 1988 of 100sq.yards to 400sq.yards at later stage.
Construction of Halls for Bhog & Annadan Preparations and distributions on regular basis.
Construction of Guest house
Construction Office room and rooms for community welfare activities,
Construction of Platform for any other social, cultural & Charity activities etc.
Presently, the construction of Sikhar /Chura at kali Bari premises in progress in full swing.

God and Goddesses Housed inside the Kali-Mandir
Radhakrishna Mandir
Shiva Mandir-Shiv Ling
A Hanuman Mandir with Ram privar
Kali-Mata/Kali Devi
And last but not least the Kali Mandir performs daily prayers for the welfare of all Human beings and peaceful living in the society. It also performs “AMABAS PUJA”,”POORNIMA PUJA”,”JANMASTAMI PUJA”,”SHIVRATRI PUJA” and etc on routinely basis. Similarly it conducts HAWAN/YOGA/ISTHIS regularly for the welfare of the human beings.

To help disaster relief fund for natural calamities all across the country.
Free education camps
Free Blood donation camps.
Free Medical check-ups like Urology, Eye and physical health etc.
Confessional charges for any medical related problems with the eminent Doctors, nearby Hospitals and Nursing Homes.
Extending all community supports for the speedy recovery of the needy people when ever required .
Setting up facilities for educational library for the needy and poor people.

Promote Vedic Shastras in many language
Renovation and maintenance of the temple in creating and atmosphere for the realisation of Atmanan values in the temple for self-discovery and global peace.
Holding Vedic Pathshala / Shastras to enlighten the younger minds in promoting disciplined society and spreading brotherhood feelings and global peace in the society .

The management committee and all well-wishers hereby makes an earnest appeal to all the devotees and member to extend their valuable contributions in CASH or Kind for the successful completion of the constructing of Sikhar/Chura before Oct.2008 at the kali bari premises which involves and expenditure of approximately Rs.15.00lac and above.
The last but not least we should remember the construction of Sikhar/Chura at Kali Bari Premises is very much essential which would be will be a great sources of realization of “Atmanan Values” of every individuals for peaceful living in the society.

Your donation may kindly be forwarded in favor of:
The Mahavir Enclave Kali Bari Samity(Regd.)” E-Block , Bengali Colony , Mahavir Enclave ,Palam Dabri Road New Delhi-110045.
For further information ,please contact 011-25056404 (Office)
Mob-9811610071 (Mr.D.Samanddar, Gen.Sec.) and Mob-9891119233 Mr.B.C.Goswami, President)