Every Indian should come forward to play positive role in the development of the nation.


The latest five state assembly results showed what present public want. The Indian public want all round development, the poor people need self respect & business house need to flourish. This is happening in entire India under the able leadership of our present Prime Minister Narender Modi who although got lot of criticism for demonetization still quite popular and working for the welfare of entire nation. That’s why all the citizens are releasing. All his campaigns & initiatives are the instant examples which attracts everyone.

Actually, P.M. Modi himself has very impressive personality who not only impressed the Indians but majority of the international leaders across the world. His working capabilities, discipline behavior, simplicity, down to earth humbleness impress everyone concerned directly or indirectly.

This is also a fact that after Mrs. Indira Gandhi, he is the most bold Prime Minister who always believes in work whatever he speaks he proves it. All his campaigns, implementation & execution of the local, national or international policies made him more popular leader of the great nation. These are the common reasons popularly known as the MODI FACTOR, now every Indian wants & extends his/her full support for the sake of all round Development of India.

The public want change with active involvement of the leaders in the nation building. Interestingly, Modi also got lot of criticism for the demonetization system still able to win the confidence of public across the nation. It may be good sign for India because our nation needs a bold & wise leader like Narender Modi who can lead the nation outstandingly with full devotion & patriotism.

Let ‘s all must realize that it’s not a matter of a party or Modi ji but it’s the duly of everyone to come forward and play positive role as per capacity & time for the development of great nation. So that end of the day India can shine again in the whole world.