AAP Bijli Hike Love-Hate Andolan May Lead to Quit India Movement

Rakesh Manchanda.

My tribute to those 24000 Aam Admi who `disobeyed` to pay electricity bills in Delhi.

BJP-Congress arguments and self business logic are not new to divide people who resist and wish to bring a change. Leaders are called anarchist and mad.

During freedom movement Bhagat Singh was labelled as terrorist coz he wanted a common man to get empowered and well informed for better living.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh never acted in line with the HINDU MAHASBHA or with even Mahatma Gandhi so he was an `anarchist`.

Rumour Spreading Society (RSS) today is engaged in dividing Delhi-India people by spreading false word that 24,000 thousand people who refused to pay electricity bills are `Chor`-thief and want to grab free electricity.

When twenty four thousands of People gather their courage to risk their future, children studies and boycott against Ambani power loot then it is the duty of any new government in any part of the world to compensate their sacrifices done for community.

Let us revisit back to Civil Disobedience Movement of Mahatma Gandhi that motivated Arvind Kejriwal hunger strike in April-2013.

Explaining the significance of April 6th-2013 hunger strike and Civil Disobedience Movement, Manish Sisodia-AAP Leader said that “in the 1930s salt was an essential commodity which was used by British Government and capitalists to earn profits. Like salt then, power and water in Delhi today have become extremely essential commodities, which is being used by crony capitalists like Reliance to earn huge profits and the Sheila Dixit Government on its part is tight lipped after getting commissions.”

Bijli Andolan and relief by AAP 49 days Government need to be simplified first.

According to the interim budget for Delhi under President rule passed recently by the Parliament , the subsidy of the electricity bills upto 50% for users consuming upto 400 units every month, provided by the last AAP government shall get discontinued from 1st. April-2014.

Delhi people are shocked over the central government decision to reject the proposal of the Arvind Kejriwal government to continue this electricity bill relief for the next six months till September 2014.

Congress-led UPA government’s decision to reverse this pro-people’s measure is cheating the people of Delhi.

BJP an equal partner in this anti-people decision promised 30% reduction in the electricity bills in its manifesto for the Delhi assembly elections.BJP as usual fails to fulfil its promise and did not protest the Manmohan Singh government’s move when the interim budget was placed in both Houses of Parliament. In Delhi Vidhan Sabha BJP leader Dr.Harshvardhan was heard shouting we are 40 (32 BJP+8 Congress) against Delhi Lok Pal support. Why is BJP seen hiding and running away from giving a stable government and reducing electricity bills by 30% as promised by them ?

Media and supporters of Ambani`s business are arguing that 250 crore Rupees electricity subsidy was a bad step of AAP. This subsidy to electricity users was given to give breathing time to CAG to unfold the loot of Bijli companies fast. Same set of people fail to raise their voice against 5000 rich but powerful golfers in Delhi who enjoy a subsidy of 1.5 crore each on golf grounds value in Delhi

About Bijli-electricity loot we all are aware that Sheila Dixit in 2002 advocated to hand over all Bijli `Samsaya` to Anil Ambani ji with a promise to make power less costly and to stop the `Bijli ki chori`. What happened?

Power theft stopped and got reduced from 70% to 15%. Where is this money gone ?Why the bills are four times more then in 2004 ?

Modi-Rahul Gandhi both can hide behind his masters voice of Ambani to hide his unfair electricity bills and gas oil pricing. Both remind us as old cinema theatre black marketers openly shouting `Ek ka Atha` or One for Eight (1dollar for 8 dollar wherein the rate for Bangladesh for gas from the same Mukesh Ambani oil well remains 2.34 dollars).

Modi wishes to continue as CM-Gujarat and hide all Gujarati black money investors who are in majority in Tax Haven list outside India. This list with account numbers is freely available on internet.

Let us stop fooling each other and get united fast.
War against corruption as Quit India Movement for traitors is long overdue.
After fighting with British Colonisers now we need to fight with robbers and `desi` corruption mongers.
Second Independence movement from Delhi has started.

Choice to contribute remains ours.

About author : Has worked in India and several countries and now is a full time supporter of AAP in Delhi and North India monitoring the historical people movement for a Swaraj.