Face lifting of Palam-Dabri Road.

Arun Banerjee

Palam-Dabri Road which was earlier with MCD has now been taken over by PWD. There is no doubt PWD is giving a facelift of this road by spending around 3 crores. But some faults which were committed by MCD is being repeated by PWD also. At present work on middle verge and construction of boundary wall along the open drain on the road is in progress.

The fundamental object of middle verge is smooth flow of traffic on either of the road but here it is being put in the back burner. Middle verge meant for smooth, unhindered flow of traffic seems to have not been considered while providing cuts in the middle verge.

From Nasirpur Road & Palam Dabri Road T-point upto Palam flyover there are 13 cuts in the middle verge and distance is around 2 kms. Some cuts are just at a distance of around 50-100 mts. Many cuts have either shops on both sides – can be taken as closed and some has lane on one side and closed on the other. Keeping this in view it is suggested to PWD to reduce the number of cuts. Going through the number of cuts, it seems that cuts are being made more for the convenience of shop-keepers and lane users than road users. Many times with so many cuts in the middle verge, there is traffic jam and chaos on the main road. Sometimes people use the wrong side to avoid traffic jams. As this portion of the road has shops, showrooms, banks, clinics and hospitals, etc., parking is a big problem and parked vehicles add to the woes of road users. The footpath totally taken over by the shop keepers putting their show-case. The worst affected are the pedestrians mainly women and children, who has to endanger their life while walking on the road. They have to move rather dribble through the moving vehicles on the main road.

PWD has been requested to rectify this fault by reducing the number of cuts in larger interest of the road users. It is expected with the completion of the facelift the road will have a completely new look.