To Stop a Bad Police Ordinance

There were 451 official public complaints against police personnel this year alone. One can only imagine how many instances went unreported. But does the political executive really want to address the public outrage against poor policing? Probably not, given how many chances they have missed. 

Seven years ago the Supreme Court demanded a complete overhauling of policing, allowing for greater independence in the day to day functioning of the police but with increased accountability. It is high time for an independent, accountable, professional, and modern police service in Tamil Nadu.

For seven years the Tamil Nadu government has thwarted the Supreme Court. It has deliberately found ways to avoid following the Court’s directions. Now, the Court has begun reviewing the state government’s actions. So, the CM has rushed and produced a flawed Ordinance that will ensure police will never be able to function without undue interference from politicians to pay lip service compliance.

The Assembly session lasts till the 30th. Until then, you have the power to put the rule to a committee vote, ensuring that the assembly listens to voters and we all get a police service we can be proud of. Tired of illegal arrests and detention? Tired of rude constables who are difficult to approach? Tired of the police working only for the politicians? Click below and start the process of change: 


With hope and determination,
Meredith, Antonia, Marie, Ricken and the whole Avaaz team