Bangalaru Woman on Wheels Esha Gupta begins her attempts for longest Journey by a female biker 38,000km in 110 days

Esha Gupta 37, aka Lone Gal Traveller, known as avid woman biker from Bengaluru has set her eyes on creating a new Guinness World Records (GWR) for the longest journey on a motorcycle in a single country by a female.

Esha started her stressing journey on January 26, 2016 the 67th Republic day from Bangalore with aim to cover 38,000 km with tour of 17 states, crossing 110 town cities, in an equal in an equal number of days. During year 2014 she had completed her solo golden quadrilateral nationwide ride motorcycle ride covering nearly 7,000km.

Also present at the flag-off were the founders of Throttle, CEO Srinivas Adimulam and COO Mangesh Deshpande.

Speaking on the occasion, Srinivas said: “We are a startup that uses a technology platform to bring bikers together. Biking, to us, is all about brotherhood and at Throttle we wish to promote the egalitarian spirit it represents. Be they male or female, each biker deserves a chance to express themselves.”

She is riding her Her faithful companion of 2014, Bajaj Avenger 220DTsi wth an aim to promote the message across India and abroad that “India is not an unsafe country” for women or women travellers.

Esha says: “By doing a solo ride across the nation I want to send a message out that India is not unsafe country for women. I plan to ride 38,000+ km in 110 days.” Esha says she is not challenging miscreants with the ride. “It is just to remind people that we are concentrating so much on the negativity that we have forgotten the positivity and good people around us. My solo ride is meant to shift people’s focus towards positivity,” she says.

She started preparing for the record in September last year by contacting GWR.”They have certain stringent rules and regulations that I have to meet to get my name in the GWR, which includes daily log in entries of my ride from start to end time apart from proof that I have visited the cities,” says Esha. Esha quit her job as a senior facility manager four years ago, planning a small break, but never joined back.